Top 10 Things to Read, Watch & Listen to from 09/04/-09/10

1. YEM Exclusive Interview: HSMTMTS star Julia Lester is making her broadway debut in ‘Into the Woods’

Love Julia Lester as Ashlyn on High School Musical: The Musical- The Series? You’ll want to see her as Little Red in an upcoming production of Into the Woods. Recently, YEM got to sit down with her to discuss her role in the iconic show.

YEM Exclusive Interview: “HSMTMTS” star Julia Lester is making her broadway debut in “Into The Woods”

2. Pinocchio (2022) (Disney Plus) (September 8)

Check out this live-action Disney remake starring Tom Hanks as the inventor Geppetto, Benjamin Evan Ainsworth as the doll who becomes a real boy, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Jiminy Cricket. Before you watch it, though, make sure to check out our recent article talking all about the cast.

The New Pinocchio Movie Cast, Release Date & More (2022)

3. Cobra Kai, Season 5 (Netflix) (September 9)

In this new season, Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence join forces against Cobra Kai, now led by Terry Silver. Meanwhile, Miguel (Xolo Mariduena) searches for his biological father. Also, in anticipation, read YEM’s recent article on Robby and Tory’s  journey as a couple.

Robby and Tory of Cobra Kai | All About The Karate Power Couple

4. Monsters Born & Made by Tanvi Berwah (September 6)

This fantasy follows Koral as she struggles to save her family financially, and cure her ailing sister. And in the spirit of new books to read, YEM recently chose author Julia Walton to take over our Twitter account for this week.

Twitter Takeover: See Julia Walton take over our Twitter account!

5. LEGEND by John Legend (Music album) (September 9)

If you’re a John Legend fan, tune in to this new album, full of, as he puts it, “informed by the full vulnerability of pain, praise and healing” ( 

6. Wednesday Addams/Inside the Character/Netflix

Honoring the upcoming series Wednesday Addams, check out Netflix’s recent behind-the-scenes look into the character, portrayed by Jenna Ortega.

7. The Sunbearer Trials (The Sunbearer Duology #1) by Aiden Thomas (September 6)

Seventeen-year-old Teo never thought much about his potential role in the Sunbearer Trials his community uses to ward off the evil Obsidian gods. When he finds himself chosen to be part of the games, he’s forced to fight for his own survival.

8. Fate: The Winx Saga/Season 2 Official Trailer/Netflix

Join Bloom (Abigail Cowen) and her friends as they continue navigating life in the Otherworld, with new faces, new magical spells, and new danger waiting around every corner!

9. The Imperfects, Season 1 (Netflix) (September 8)

After three people become monsters, they must track down the scientist responsible, and convince him to transform them back into humans.

10. Cars on the Road (Series Premiere) (Disney Plus) (September 8)

In this series, Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) and Tow Mater (Larry the Cable Guy) set off to see Mater’s sister. And if you don’t have Disney Plus, read our article on ‘How to Watch Your Favorite Shows From Anywhere in the World’.

How To Watch Your Favorite Shows From Anywhere In The World