See an exclusive clip from Words on Bathroom Walls !!!

Boy have we got a treat for you today! We’ve got on exclusive clip from the upcoming movie, Words on Bathroom Walls! In this exclusive clip, our main character spills his innermost thoughts. Spoilers ahead… you’ve been warned…

In this scene from Words on Bathroom Walls, high schooler Adam Petrazelli (Charlie Plummer) goes to confession for the first time at St. Agatha’s Catholic School. He strikes up a conversation with the priest (Andy Garcia). Though he isn’t sure what to talk about or how it works.

It seems that Adam may be a bit nervous to share his feelings because he doesn’t want to say anything that might be misconstrued. Nevertheless Adam begins talking. He tells the priest about his visits to the psychiatrist and how the psychiatrist tells his mom everything he shares. Adam doesn’t like this, as he doesn’t want his mom to learn about every little thing going on in his head. It makes him feel like he can’t live his own life.

The priest offers advice about the situation. He says a young man like Adam should have space to learn who he is. Without having his mother pry. From the scene it looks as though the priest and Adam enjoyed the conversation, and so the student got to speak his thoughts while the priest listened and offered insight.


Words on Bathroom Walls is now in theaters. Check your local listings for showtimes.