FLAVIA discusses her new music video “Hateful”

Singer FLAVIA is an electronic-pop artist that mixes dark-pop with futuristic R&B, exploring the borderland of yesterday’s soul with tomorrow’s electronica. Her debut single is called “Hateful,” and FLAVIA just released her music video for the song. “Hateful” shares a message of strength and the human condition. Inspired by FLAVIA’s own real-life experiences, the video that touches upon the larger issues of animosity division and bullying in our society today.

FLAVIA started to write music at a young age in Ireland and Italy, where she spent her formative years. She is now based in Los Angeles. Having moved around often while growing up, she feels the closest thing to a ham-base in her music. “It’s a part of me,” she says. “I couldn’t escape it even if I wanted to.” Young Entertainment Mag spoke with FLAVIA about her music, filming her newest music video, and what she says is most important to remember in the music industry.

Young Entertainment Mag: There are a few genres present in your music. Are there any legends you take inspiration from?

FLAVIA: The all time love of my life was Prince. He was always so unapologetically himself. He set the trends instead of following them. It was always a dream of mine to open for him. One of my goals in my music is to completely authentic, and honest and to be MYSELF. So often we try to put on a mask or change who we are to fit who we think people want us to be. A lot of my songs are about being comfortable in being YOU.

YEM: What is your favorite album of all time?

FLAVIA: I couldn’t pick one, but I do have a top 5 favorites/most listened to (in no particular order). 😊

Pink Floyd – The Wall
D’Angelo – Voodoo
Coldplay – Ghost Stories
Lianne La Havas – Is Your Love Big Enough? (This record got me through a really bad breakup)
Little Dragon – Ritual Union (but also all their albums, they’re on of my favorite artists. I would freak out if I got to work with them)
Fever Ray – Self Titled (I had downloaded this album before a trip to India and remember listening to it over and over again on trains and busses as I traveled through the country)
Banks – Goddess (she is such a badass and a favorite for sure)

Okay, okay…that was more than 5. But I got really into that question and couldn’t decide 😊

YEM: Your new music video just premiered for your song “Hateful”! Tell us about it.

FLAVIA: Yes! It is my debut video, and I had the absolute best team of talented artists. I was so lucky to work with them all on this. It was directed by Kailee McGee, who is a ball of fun and so incredible. I love visual art and storytelling, so I had been itching to make a video, and I’m delighted with how it turned out. I definitely owe a lot of favors and home-cooked meals now. 😉

The video plays a lot on the duality of dark and light, our outer personas and our inner demons, standing strong against those who try to tear us down. You’ll often see the dancers nurturing me as if we’re moving as one human being, and other times, you’ll see them trying to tear me apart as if they’re my demons. Through “Hateful,” my hope was to reach out to victims of hatred and bullying and remind people to BE KIND to one another.

YEM: What is it like to film a music video?

FLAVIA: It was heaven. It’s the most collaborative process and often I find that, as a solo artist, I don’t get to collaborate as much with my music as I did with the video making. I also get pretty nit picky when finishing up a song, it’s the perfectionist in me, so it was really exciting to get out of my head a bit for the video process and just conjure up ideas and possibilities.

YEM: The music video “Hateful” includes quick visuals of protests alongside the chorus “Why you gotta be so hateful?”, a clear reference to the current political climate. Do you feel that you will use politically driven lyrics and imagery in music you make in the future?

FLAVIA: Definitely. I write about a lot of different things, but I do feel very passionate about human rights and about treating every human being with love and respect. But this song is about a lot more than just what’s going on politically. I was bullied a lot as a kid, and through my music I’ve been wanting to spread a message of love, kindness, acceptance, empowerment, and self-love! It has to start somewhere! And I think music has the power to change the world. It’s incredibly healing. Music has the ability of making someone feel so much less alone, just by hearing that a stranger on the other end might be going through the same thing as them.

YEM: What are you working on next? Is there a mixtape planned to follow up the debut single?

FLAVIA: I have so many special treats in the works! I’ve had people reaching out from all over the world about how Hateful has touched them and it’s been the most wonderful feeling. People have been tuning in from places I never dreamed of, especially for my first single. My goal is to release something each month, whether it’s a single or music video. I’m really excited about this next single that will be out in August, we’re shooting the video for that at the end of this month. Stay tuned…

YEM: What’s the best word of advice you can give on how to get started in the industry?

FLAVIA: TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS! So often as artists we are drawn towards the collaborative nature of things, but only YOU know what you want and like. Make sure to listen to that tiny voice in your head and trust your gut. Be the boss. It’s your art. Also, definitely don’t wait around for someone to come in and be the knight and shining armor to your music career. Work hard and make things happen yourself. Not only will people then flock to you, but you’ll already have all the tools you need to be a successful artist.

YEM: Lastly, if you could collaborate with any artist on a song, who would it be and why?

FLAVIA: Ooh – this is so tough. Probably Little Dragon, or Flume, or Anderson Paak. I think a collaboration with any one of these artists would be epic, for different reasons.

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