Where ‘The Fosters’ Left Off and ‘Good Trouble’ Begins

Callie and Mariana Adams-Foster will be pulling up to the LA scene in The Fosters spin-off series Good Trouble. Both girls, having graduated college and left the nest, are moving to the city of angels to begin their adult lives, but things won’t quite go according to plan. As a result the girls will have to adjust to the fast-paced lifestyle of LA, with the help of new friends and of course, their family. It’s been confirmed that the entire Adams-Foster family will make appearances throughout the show and we can’t wait until January to see the premiere!

Since the break between shows seems never-ending, let’s take a look at where the characters left off, and where they’ll be when Good Trouble premieres.

Callie Adams Foster

When we last saw Callie, played by Maia Mitchell, she had graduated from the University of California San Diego with a law degree. By the end of the jaw-dropping three-part finale, Callie got accepted as an intern for Judge Wilson in Los Angeles. The spin-off takes her to LA where she’s working for the conservative judge and trying to change his perspective, while also living in an apartment building with Mariana called The Coterie. She’s struggled with romantic relationships in the past, so maybe we’ll see her working on it in the new series–not that she needs a man!

Mariana Adams Foster

Cierra Ramirez’s Mariana ended the The Fosters as a single woman after breaking up with Mat in Turks and Caicos. Her and Jesus decided to travel Europe together over the summer after their respective breakups. Now, she’s a MIT graduate, working at a tech startup. Mariana will be fighting against gender inequality in a male-dominated profession, while also struggling to navigate the confusing mess that is LA. Who said being an adult was easy?

Brandon Foster

After a crazy destination wedding, Brandon (David Lambert) finally married Eliza, but not before standing up to her parents and defending his career choices. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California and moved with his wife to LA for a job as a composer. Since he lives in LA, there’s no doubt we’ll be seeing him make an appearance in Good Trouble.

Jesus Adams Foster

Jesus (Noah Centineo) ended things with his on-and-off again girlfriend Emma at the end of the parent series. He went to community college and is now a contractor for a business that he shares with his father. It’s not possible for Jesus to stay away from his twin sister and will be visiting her and Callie in LA.

Jude Adams Foster

Jude (Hayden Byerly) was struggling the most at the end of The Fosters. He was using alcohol as a crutch and was on academic probation at UCLA. Finally, he admitted to struggling without his family, after a conversation with Callie and came clean to his moms. Since Judicorn goes to school in the city, he’ll be making an appearance in the spin-off and we can’t wait to see what he’s up to now!

Stef and Lena Adams Foster

Finally, Mamas Stef and Lena—played by Teri Polo and Sherri Saum, respectively—officiated Brandon and Eliza’s wedding, and managed to squeeze a quick skinny dip before returning from Turks and Caicos. They were forced to say goodbye to their foster child, Corey, when he decided to return to his mother. More goodbyes were said, when the family encouraged Lena to run for State Assembly, which meant selling the house. We’re sure to see the two in Good Trouble as Callie and Mariana struggle to adjust to life as adults.

Now that we’ve seen all the old faces, let’s look at the new ones!


First on the list is Malika (Zuri Adele), a former foster child who has an affinity for social justice. There’s a high chance her and Callie will get along very well.


Next, Tommy Martinez plays Gael, one of Callie and Mariana’s neighbors. He’s a graphic designer and very socially conscious.


A first generation Asian-American, Alice (Sherry Cola) is the manager of The Coterie. The show definitely seems to be about tackling social topics of all kinds.

Judge Curtis Wilson

Judge Wilson (Roger Bart) is an extremely conservative judge who dislikes change that Callie is clerking for. There’s no way that he and Callie won’t be clashing throughout the season.


Davia (Emma Hunton) is a teacher who lives in the apartment building and is described as, “no-holds-barred.”


Finally, Ken Kirby plays Benjamin, a conservative clerk who works with Callie and Judge Wilson. And here’s hoping to a rivalry-turned-romance between Callie and Benjamin.

Good Trouble premieres on Freeform in January 2019!