“A really familial and positive and comfortable energy on set.” Quinn Hemphill talks feeling at home while working with Will Smith in Bad Boys: Ride or Die

It’s almost the start of Summer and what better way to celebrate than with a new installment in the Bad Boys franchise. Bad Boys: Ride or Die features the original Bad Boys with new action and comedy, and was released in theaters on June 7. We got to chat with Quinn Hemphill who plays Callie in the new film to learn more about working with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, how she relates to her character, and her firsts while filming.

In Bad Boys: Ride or Die, detectives Mike Lowrey, played by Will Smith, and Marcus Burnett, played by Martin Lawrence, investigate corruption within Miami PD when their former captain is accused of being involved with the Romanian Mafia. A setup turns them into fugitives and they go on the run in order to solve the case. The film is the sequel to the 2020 film Bad Boys for Life and the fourth installment in the Bad Boys franchise. The film also stars Vanessa Hudgens, Alexander Ludwig, DJ Khaled, Tasha Smith, Tiffany Haddish, and more. 

In addition to Bad Boys: Ride or Die, Quinn has also starred in the films The Mental State, Paper Spiders and Killer Competition

Quinn said when she first found out about the role in Bad Boys: Ride or Die, she watched the first three films in the franchise. Even though many members of the cast had worked on the other three films and Quinn was new to the series, she said she instantly felt welcomed on set by Will Smith and others. 

“I learned very quickly that this was going to be a hardworking, generous, loving, positive set to be on.”

We also asked Quinn what it was like to work with High School Musical star Vanessa Hudgens, who plays Kelly, and she said she learned how to be a hardworking professional and kind friend on set from Vanessa. 

“Working with Vanessa [Hudgens] was a childhood dream come true.”

Because it is an action movie, Quinn said this was her first time having a stunt double and doing stunt training. She revealed that the stunt double even wore a wig that looked the same cut, color, and style as her hair. 

“There were so many things I didn’t realize about a stunt double.”

Quinn said it was easy to relate to Callie while playing her because of her inner strength and loyalty to her friends and family, all things Quinn relates to in her own life. 

“I think something that we have in common is our really deep loyalty and trust in our family and friends, it is something that really drives Callie in this movie.”

Quinn said she got into character through developing close connections with the cast off set. The film also used very little CGI, so Quinn said it was cool seeing things actually blown up while filming in Miami. 

“In this movie there is very little CGI, so if something is going to blow up, it was blown up on set.”

Thank you, Quinn, for chatting with Young Entertainment. Make sure to follow her on her Instagram at @quinn.hemphill. Watch the rest of the interview where we ask her more about working with a star-studded cast, her firsts while filming an action movie, and funny behind the scenes moments.

Consider this:

-Get enough sleep and eat well while on set. Take care of yourself so you can be your best self. 

-Stunt doubles are trained professionals who stand in for an actor in order to perform physically demanding stunts. If you are working with a stunt double, learn as much as you can from them because they can help you get into your character’s mindset after performing a stunt.