Fuller House star Michael Campion talks Season 4

Oh Mylanta! Season four of Netflix’s hit series “Fuller House” is available to stream this Friday, December 14th! Young Entertainment Mag had a chance to sit down with Michael Campion, who plays Jackson Fuller, and talk about the upcoming season, a potential musical episode and his magic skills!

Young Entertainment Mag: “Fuller House” season four is available on Netflix on December, 14th. What can you share about the upcoming season? Any exciting guest stars?
Michael Campion: Yeah, actually we have a lot of new guest stars on the show. I have a whole new storyline and that should be a lot of fun and we have a lot of the returning stars, as well. We have one special surprise guest that I’m very excited about who’s going to be on, on December 14th. It’s going to be great.

YEM: How has your character, Jackson, evolved over the past three seasons?
Michael: I feel like Jackson in season one was still trying to find his way and have a purpose, but now in season four he’s really coming into his own. He knows what he wants and he knows what he’s good at. He actually has friends now! He’s becoming less of a geek and more cooler, I guess. I’m excited to see where this goes, but he’s still very clumsy.

YEM: What’s next for Jackson in season four?
Michael: Jackson has a lot, actually. This one is a pretty big season for Jackson. It’s less than season three, but definitely more than season one or two. There’s a lot of stuff with Rocky. Rocky and I have a whole thing and you know, I get a lot of new friends in this one. I’m trying to say it without spoiling it! Then, I have a lot of stuff with the other two kids [ Ramona and Max]. We have three or four episodes of us just doing stuff together. That was a lot of fun! Finally, I get some quality time with Matt and Steve, so that’s really nice.

YEM: In season three the cast did a musical number. Would you ever want to do an entire musical episode?
Michael: I would, that sounds really cool, actually. We’ve had a lot of musical numbers in the past and I’m pretty sure that we have some in this one. I believe that we do, we have some. I, honestly, think “Fuller House” as a play would be so wonderful. Juan Pablo is so good at singing.

YEM: What have you learned while working with other actors on the show? Have you picked up any tricks or advice that’s stuck?
Michael: Yeah, I have. It’s not necessarily direct advice, but more like just seeing how these guys carry themselves and I really look up to Adam Higgins, who plays Jimmy and he’s hilarious. I love him so much and I think out of everyone, he’s my favorite. I just have a very special connection with him. I’ve learned a lot and it’s hard to point out one or two things, but if I had to say it would be how funny he is without trying to be funny. The way he carries himself. There’s more of him in season four.

YEM: Since Stephanie is unable to have her own baby, Kimmy stepped up to become her surrogate. How does Kimmy’s pregnancy change the dynamic of the season?
Michael: Everything is going to change. I’m very excited for season five because they leave it on a cliffhanger kinda deal and its pretty much the whole storyline between Stephanie, DJ and Kimmy is centered around the baby, so that’s gonna be a lot of fun for season five too.

Fuller House

YEM: You actually traveled to Japan to film the wedding episodes. What was that experience like?
Micheal: Japan? Man, Japan was crazy. It was such a culture shock seeing how everyone lives there. We got to spend a full two weeks there and we saw a lot. We saw a lot for sure besides filming. I’ll never forget it, it’s just like yesterday. Its crazy because Full House is their number one show over there. That’s what they use to learn English in schools and when we came, there were fans that would make gifts for us and give them to us. It’s their culture, instead of just asking for a picture, they’ll give us little candies or pictures. I have a whole basket full of them.

YEM: What do you do on set when you’re not filming? Is there any behind the scenes shenanigans that go down?
Micheal: Sometimes. The thing is that most of my time is filled with school. We have to get a minimum of three hours, but when I’m not doing school I like to walk around the Warner Brothers lot, go into all the buildings. Sometimes, I’ll go up on the roof and just sit there and eat my lunch. It’s a lot of fun. That’s what I do when I get a break. Besides that, we had a lot of pranks in season one and I don’t really know what happened. We had less school and I don’t know how that works, but I’m hoping for season five I can revive pranks and have a prank war.

YEM: In other interviews, you’ve said that you and Jackson are very similar. What challenges, if any, do you face when getting into character?
Michael: Honestly, I’m always in character. So it’s not necessarily a hard transition. I feel like the hardest part in a scene is when you don’t talk and you’re just sitting there. You’re expected to be listening and listening is harder than saying lines because, you know, when you’re saying lines you’re engaged and you’re like “ok, here we go!” But then it’s hard to stay in character when you’re floating off because you’ve already seen this scene a couple of times and you’re not talking, so what’s the point. You’re tempted to go on your phone and that’s like the most challenging part.

Photo credit: Melissa Coulier

YEM: If you weren’t acting, what do you think you’d be doing?
Michael: That’s a good question, I’m also a magician. I do a lot of magic and I’m actually a junior member of this place called the Magic Castle in California. So it’s this really exclusive club for magicians only. Its open to the public if you get an invite and you go there, have dinner and watch a bunch of shows. I actually perform there. I got accepted after my month-long process of auditioning. That’s probably what I’d do, that, or some other kind of job as a performer.

YEM: Can fans expect anything coming up for you in 2019?
Micheal: Yeah! Like I said, I am at the Magic Castle, that’s pretty much my main thing besides acting. I’m going to be doing a lot of magic, but hopefully I’m gonna get more roles. Pilot season is coming up in February, so we’ll see. Next time we talk, I’ll be sure to let you know!

The fourth season of Fuller House premieres on Netflix this Friday! For more, visit netflix.com/fullerhouse