“It is a good reminder to go back to history books.” The Creatives from We Were the Lucky Ones Talk about New Learnings on the Holocaust.

The new series We Were the Lucky Ones takes a powerful, heart-wrenching, and emotional dive into one family’s journey to survive and reunite during World War II and the Holocaust. The historical TV series is based on a book of the same name by Georgia Hunter. The series will premiere on Hulu on March 28. Young Entertainment got to sit down and chat with many of the people who helped put the show together, including executive producers Erica Lipez and Thomas Kail, author and creator Georgia Hunter, and actors Robin Weigert, Hadas Yaron, and Michael Aloni. We talked with them about the importance of this Holocaust story, learning new points of history, and how you should seek legitimate sources on social media. 

Michael: “I think it is a good reminder to go back to history books. Go and read and go and learn the history that just happened recently.”

The series is important because one in five young Americans believe the Holocaust is a myth. With antisemitism on the rise, this story is an example of why you shouldn’t believe it to be a myth because of the real life stories like this one, based on a real family. 

The story comes from the perspective of the Kurc family, a Jewish family in Poland who were inspired by real people. Prior to World War II, the Kurcs lived successfully and peacefully but as Hitler’s persecution of the European Jewish population intensifies, the family finds themself in hiding, forced to separate to stay alive. While the series focuses on one family’s journey and their survival, it also recognizes and mourns all the lives lost, by stating, “By the end of the Holocaust, 90 percent of Poland’s Jews had been killed.” 

Thomas: “Everybody who you meet in that first episode has to in some way be that person and then say goodbye to that person because of the events happening in the world.”

The original story is inspired by Georgia’s family history and her grandfather’s experiences as a Holocaust survivor. Georgia said she created this story to honor her family’s stories and for future generations to remember and learn about what happened. While it is a difficult watch, it is an important and necessary story for all to continue to educate themselves. It also shows how the family fights for their life to reunite after the war.

Georgia: “I wanted to write it in a way that my kids and their kids and so on could pick it up and appreciate it and not just learn about what happened, but feel like they were there in that moment, living it with their relatives and make their story feel relevant in that way.”

Joey King and Logan Lerman star as siblings Halina and Addy Kurc. Other family members star Genec played by Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Jakub played by Amit Rahav, Mila played by Hadas Yaron, and parents Sol and Nechuma, played by Lior Ashkenazi and Robin Weigert respectively. Michael Aloni plays Selim, Mila’s husband. Many of the producers and actors had ancestors who lived through and experienced the Holocaust. They felt compelled to tell the stories and play these characters who were real life people.

Erica: “This was informing me about that period of time from perspectives I had never seen before all through the really intimate lens of this family. I love family stories.”

Every one of the creatives we talked to from We Were the Lucky Ones said they learned something new about the Holocaust while working on this project. While there were many difficult filming days, the actors said they developed close relationships which helped them get into safe headspaces.

Hadas: “It is so important to know people that it happened to them, and if you don’t, to see a story and to relate to the people, then it really is important.”

Erica said it is especially important for young people to see history and true stories come alive on screen. Regardless of your background, you can find a way to relate to the Kurc family and their journey to survive.

Robin: “[We Were the Lucky Ones} is a gift because it is a demonstration that you are stronger than they know.”

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