Veronika Slowikoska and Jaelynn Thora Brooks Share The Magic of Friendship Along With Hilarious Moments on Set From New Series “Davey and Jonesie’s Locker”

On March 22, the brand-new series “Davey and Jonesie’s Locker” dropped on HULU and it is an out-of-this-world television series that takes us along with two best friends as their high school locker launches them into an alternate reality. We got to sit down with the stars of the series Veronika Slowikoska who plays Davey and Jaelynn Thora Brooks who plays Jonesie for a quick FaceTime call. They gave us some insight on what it was like to hang out on the fast paced set of “Davey and Jonesie’s Locker.”

In this exciting and out-of-the-box (more like out-of-this-locker) series, two best friends Davey and Jonesie are navigating their high school experience together when they suddenly discover that their locker has the power to pull them into alternate realities. They quickly learn to use the multiverse to their advantage and add a little bit of spice into the mundane routine of their high school lives. These eccentric besties show us what it means to maintain the power of friendship and to expect the unexpected even when your world is turned upside down. 

Veronika and Jaelynn gave us some insight into the world of Davey and Jonesie both on and off-screen. They told us about some of the hilarious moments that they had on set including a song that they would sing right before each scene: 

“Picture’s up, picture’s up, we’re ready to roll!” 

While talking with the stars, we learned a lot about the environment on set. We got to hear about their get ready with me routines to get into character that for Jaelynn, included a 2 hour hair routine every morning. They also mentioned how they were getting up at 4-6 am every day to get to set, but they had great attitudes and got to further their friendship on and off-camera. Jaelynn even noted that she started picking up “Veronika-isms” after being together so much. 

This series is creative, fun, and quirky and its cast does a great job of embodying that. But even off screen, these two stars are making us proud. Veronika has been working on a few other projects lately including the new Christmas classic Ex-Mas but she also has a considerable following on TikTok , making comedic content with Kyle Chase and other friends and family. Meanwhile, Jaelynn has also been dipping  her toe into some new on-screen action with her latest film How We Ended Us.

Though there were a lot of great moments on set, there were also some challenges that came with filming and we got to hear firsthand how the girls managed those. With such a fast paced environment with a lot of moving parts, it was difficult for the girls to overcome the long days of filming and nights of little sleep. However, because of this, the girls were able to grow closer and bond on and off-screen. 

Consider this:

  • Sometimes you have to use the challenges in your life to create beautiful moments. Appreciate every moment for what it is and try to see the good in every situation. Sometimes you don’t see the good in the hard times until they are over. 

We got to ask the girls some questions that were so fun and outside the box like: “What are 3 emojis you would use to describe the show?” Their answers were so on point, so check out the video to learn which emojis they picked. We also asked which Disney sidekick that they would take with them on their journeys through time. Jaelynn said that she would pick Olaf from the film Frozen because he reminds her of Veronika and Veronika said that she would choose Genie from Aladdin because he was played by Robin Williams, one of her comedic inspirations growing up. Another reason she picked Genie is because…

“A genie grants wishes, which means I can get a million dollars!”

Thank you so much again to Veronika and Jaelynn, for your time and for speaking with YE! Make sure to follow them both on Instagram at @veronika_iscool and @jaetbrooks And be sure to like and subscribe to our channel for more news from the latest and greatest in young entertainment.


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