Gossip Girl: Everything You Need To Know

The official trailer is here! HBO Max dropped the trailer on the 10th and it’s already about to reach 3 million views!

The teaser released a couple weeks ago was a really good insight on what is to come but is nothing compared to this incredible trailer. The trailer was able to get the viewers hooked on without revealing anything. 

So, there’s alot going on in the trailer. There are a lot of storylines, characters, and most important secrets! 

First of all, it was revealed that “Gossip Girl” is using Instagram as her method to expose New York’s young elite. So, she has moved on from website blogging to Instagram posts and feeds. Now, any secret will be shared, seen, and commented on by everyone in a matter of minutes!

Second of all, it seems like the show revival is going to be representing LGBTQ+ community. Scenes of Evan Mock’s character making out with other boys were seen as well as other scenes of gay kissing. Is that one of the secrets Gossip Girl will expose?

Third, there’s a new girl (played by Whitney Peak) in town. Jordan Alexander’s character seems very interested in her. She is seen taking off the new girl’s bandanna and inviting her to a big fancy party. Maybe she wants the new girl to join her crew? 

Finally, stakes run on high this time. Jordan Alexander’s character is a social media influencer. She seems to have the knack for it. Her character is very strong-willed and independent. By the looks of the trailer, it looks like she’s a very well known influencer among the locals. However half way through, it looks like Gossip Girl has got something on her. Something big, that can ruin her whole career. Wonder what it is ?

Don’t miss out on all the gossip and secrets this July. Check out the Official Trailer on HBO Max YouTube’s channel!