Gossip Girl signs back on with a new series

Another reboot is set to take over our TV screen come next year. And it’s none other than the high society drama-packed melodrama we know and love, Gossip Girl. Thirteen years since its debut in 2007, it was announced the teen drama would begin again, this time with an entirely new class of social elites. We love the premise for this new series because it’s not attempting to redo the Gossip Girl of the past. It is merely adding on to the existing story by picking up 12 years from where we left off.

It’s intriguing to see a new generation of young adults growing up in New York’s Upper Eastside. We got a peek at the first generation five years into the future and saw the happy couples Dan and Serena and Chuck and Blair living their best lives as contented families. Nate was also living large and primed to be the next New York City Mayor. Of course, the ending we got in which Gossip Girl’s identity was finally revealed did fall a little flat. No one expected Dan to be the puppet master behind the drama. It was unrealistic and a bit insulting to think he’d played his friends off each other for years. Here’s hoping this new season can do better.

Gossip Girl’s new cast looks to be an exciting mix of fresh faces and some more recognizable. Emily Alyn Lind, seen in Netflix’s Babysitter series and Revenge, is set for the leading role. Eli Brown will take on a “good guy” character from a wealthy and humanitarian family. Eli’s been seen on Spinning Out and the F**k-It List. Thomas Doherty from Disney’s Descendants, Tavi Gevinson from Scream Queens, and Adam Chanler-Berat from It Could Be Worse. Gossip Girl’s new series will be introducing a more diverse cast, something lacking from its original version. Whitney Peak from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will join the cast as well as Zion Moreno from Control Z and a brand-new face, Savannah Smith.

The new season will come with some new plotlines that will reflect life in 2020. It will include diverse stories with queer characters and plots that involve the dynamic of our ever-growing social media presence. We hope the writers will also look back on the original Gossip Girl books for inspiration. For instance, Dan was supposed to have a relationship with a male coworker, and Chuck is also hinted to be queer in the books. We’d love to see more bi/pan/non-binary characters in the upcoming series. We also never got to see Vanessa’s shaved head during her time on Gossip Girl as the original show watered down the characters a little too much. If the character is goth, they should be free to express themselves! The best abandoned plotline from the books has to be Chuck’s pet monkey named Sweetie. Now that we need to see in the new season.

We’re very excited to welcome Gossip Girl back into watchlist. And we’re more than a little happy the lackluster ending from the first series isn’t the formal finish to the GG saga. Even more, we’re ecstatic that the OG Gossip Girl herself, the ineffable Kristen Bell, is once more voicing the title role. It just wouldn’t be the same without her. It’s a while away, but we can’t wait until the next time we that snarky sign off “You know you love me. XOXO Gossip Girl.”

Will you tune in to the new Gossip Girl series?