Hayley Law talks Riverdale and Spontaneous

Things are about to get … Spontaneous. Riverdale fans will no doubt recognize Hayley Law. She played PussyCat and former Archie love interest: Valerie! Now, Hayley Law is starring in the new movie Spontaneous. The movie also starts Katherine Langford and Charlie Plummer. Here, YEM talked to Hayley Law about her new movie. Plus, Hayley Law told us about her time on Riverdale and her music career!

Young Entertainment Mag: What inspired you to begin a career in acting?

Hayley Law: I kind of fell into acting and as I began auditioning, I fell in love with it. Ive always wanted to be in entertainment but I never really knew what my career would look like. I still don’t! But I know that I love creating and bringing characters to life. Its so much fun.

YEM: Your breakout role was as Valerie Brown on Riverdale. What does that role mean to you?

Hayley: I grew up with Archie Comics so it was truly an honour to be included In the show. It was my first time on a big set and I learned so much from the other cast and crew. I am so grateful for Riverdale. It helped me shape what I wanted for my future and really chase after it.

YEM: What was it like on the set of Riverdale? Any funny behind the scene stories you can share?

Hayley: It was always so much fun. Everyone was amazing. Its important to have good people on set and Riverdale is a family. Always joking and laughing but also working incredibly hard. The catering would get cakes for peoples birthdays it was really amazing.

YEM: Archie or Jughead?

Hayley: Neither hehe

YEM: Veronica or Betty?

Hayley: BOTH

YEM: What was your favorite scene to shoot on Riverdale and why?

Hayley: Any of the music scenes. They were so fun! I loved getting to rehearse with Asha and Ashleigh.

YEM: Do you think the Pussycats will ever get back together?

Hayley: I really hope so.

YEM: You played the part of a singer in Riverdale but you are also a singer. What kind of music do you create?

Hayley: I would say my music is like Pop/R&B. But I am a pop music nut! I love Dua Lipa, Ariana Grande, but also Sza, Summer Walker. I like to think it’s a blend of both worlds.

YEM: Why have you chosen to go by your stage name, Hayleau (pronounced “halo”), for your singing career?

Hayley: I thought it would be nice to have kind of a different persona for my music. This was very early into my entertainment journey. I hadn’t booked anything when I decided to be Hayleau musically. But I am glad that I have that somewhat pseudonym to release art with.

YEM: Did you begin your singing career before jumping into acting or did you get into singing from playing roles?

Hayley: I was working on music before acting. I really love both so I’m glad I can do roles that allow me to be a musician as well. But I had recorded music about a year or two before acting came into my life.

YEM: Who is Tess McNulty in the upcoming film Spontaneous?

Hayley: Tess McNulty is Mara’s (Katherine Langford) best friend and support system in Spontaneous. She and Mara have been close since they were really young so they have a strong bond. Super honest with eachother.

YEM: Spontaneous has a wonderfully outrageous premise of a pandemic of spontaneous combustion. What made you want to be a part of this movie?

Hayley: Ultimately it was the cast. I love Katherine and Charlie and I knew they would bring something so special to this script and they did. I feel lucky to be part of it.

YEM: Spontaneous has a pandemic storyline. Were there many correlations between the film and the reality of today?

Hayley: Its crazy because we shot this movie three years ago. I never would have thought that anything in this movie would be remotely close to reality.

YEM: What was it like working with cast members like Katherine Langford (13 Reasons Why), Charlie Plummer (Looking for Alaska), and Piper Perabo (Coyote Ugly)?

Hayley: They were incredible. Also Yvonne Orji who plays the detective in the film is in one of my favourite shows Insecure, so working with her was so great. Piper is a full badass. Shes incredibly kind and passionate. I hope I get to work with her again.

YEM: What are some dream acting projects for you?

Hayley: I would love to lead a comedy. I really want to work with Paul Feig, Judd Appatow, Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill. Those are my favourite comedies. I also would LOVE to be a superhero. Let the manifesting BEGIN!