Songs from the Summer

The summer is the time of the year when lazy days need to be accompanied by a catchy tune. Our summer song choices are inspired by the great films and shows that came out this year – the ones that allowed us a brief escape from quarantine living. Here are the songs you searched for when the credits were rolling to round out your summer playlist. 


The obvious choice for the song of the summer is “Wonderlust”, written and performed by Will Post. The uplifting, cinematic song swept through the summer scene via the popular Netflix movie The Kissing Booth 2. “Wonderlust” was the perfect song to play on dusty, warm evenings. To find out more about the origins of the song, check out our interview with Will Post

The Kissing Booth 2

“Lost in the Wild”

“Wonderlust” is the only song that gained fame from The Kissing Booth 2. Another summer hit was “Lost in the Wild” by Walk the Moon. The song is featured in The Kissing Booth 2 as Elle and Marco give it their all in an epic dance competition. “Lost in the Wild” is the uplifting beat we all needed in the summer of 2020. 

“Somebody to Tell Me”

The coming-of-age TV show Love, Victor, hit our screens this summer with a sweet, inspiring story about a high schooler struggling with his sexual identity. We all definitely hit the pause button when we heard the theme song for the series so we could download the tune. The theme song is called “Somebody to Tell Me” by Tyler Glenn. Fans of Love, Victor expressed how “Somebody to Tell Me” brought a smile to their face even in the darkest days of quarantine. Check out our interview with Tyler Glenn here. 

“Let Me Move You”

Netflix’s Work It is an ideal summer movie, blending sick dance moves with romance and a healthy dose of humor. Actress and singer Sabrina Carpenter, featured in Work It as the quirky Quinn, performs the song “Let Me Move You.” The song has a catchy beat that cannot be denied and turned out to be the perfect jam for the stars of Work It, including Liza Koshy and Jordan Fisher, to get down to. 

“Feels Like Home”

The next song on our list is on the softer side and comes from the summer movie All Together Now. The song, titled, “Feels like Home” is sung by the star of the movie, Auli’i Cravalho, who plays an optimistic but homeless teenager. “Feels Like Home” is a ballad that captures the uplifting message of the film and gives another excuse to listen to Auli’i’s captivating voice. 

“Loyal Brave True”

Mulan came in just under the wire in the summer movie category, and we’re just glad we got to see the epic story. The original Mulan movie was chock-full of memorable songs we can still quote from childhood. The new adaptation has its own rendition of “Reflection,” as well as a new song sung by Christina Aguilera, titled “Loyal Brave True.” The beautiful, inspiring song makes you feel like you’re riding into battle alongside the courageous Mulan – a worthwhile addition to any playlist.