Hello Sister adds music to new show

Tween pop rock trio Hello Sister is a family affair. The band is made up of sisters Grace, Gabriella and Scarlett Mason. The three recently launched a pilot episode of their very own TV show, Pop Through The Decades. The show was even co-created by Hello Sister’s father Tim, a former Pop R&B songwriter. The show finds hit songs from the past and present to learn about the artist who made the song popular. YEM spoke with the three sisters about their show and music!

Young Entertainment Mag: What was the decision process like to create a youtube channel like this?

Hello Sister: We initially started our channel to get more and more people to see our music. We continue posting new covers every Monday and our original song/cover music videos as well. 

YEM: Who was your favorite artist to learn about so far? What was your favorite thing to learn about that artist?

Hello Sister: We’ve learned about so many great artists. But our favorite artist we have learned about so far is U2. We love their songs and the way they influenced – and still influence – the world of music 30 years later. Also, each of the members have unique contributions to music today.  

YEM: What has been the most fun throughout this entire process?

Hello Sister: We are so grateful for this wonderful opportunity. We’ve had so much fun along the way but probably our favorite thing was being able to meet Prince’s guitar player, Dez Dickerson. Plus, being able to perform and record our music video on a really awesome stage!

YEM: How often do you put out episodes?

Hello Sister: We actually just recently released our first episode of “Pop Through The Decades.” More episodes are coming, so stay tuned!

YEM: Are your songs based on experiences that you’ve had in your own life? What about the songs do you connect to most?

Hello Sister: Yes! All of our original songs are based off of real experiences or situations! The song we connect to the most is probably “Middle Schooler” Because this song talks about a lot of  things that can happen in middle school to a lot of girls and boys our age, so it is very relatable.

YEM: If you were to pick anyone to be in your videos who would it be and why?

Hello Sister: That is a hard question! We would probably choose The Jonas Brothers because we have been a fan of them and their music for a long time now. It would be fun because they are a brother band trio, and we are a sister band trio.  We also both play within the same genre of music.

YEM: What’s downtime like? Any funny things to happen off camera?

Hello Sister: Although we don’t have much free time on our hands, something you might not know about us is that we are also competitive runners and swimmers! We also enjoy arts and crafts, golf, playing with our cats, cooking and baking, going to the beach, and hanging out with our friends!

YEM: What’s your favorite song to sing along to in the car?

Hello Sister: We listen to a big variety of music but some favorites include anything by The Jonas Brothers, Paramore, Taylor Swift, Luke Combs, and Thomas Rhett.