The history of “Suttard” – Sutton and Richard

The word “Suttard” may not make sense to certain people. But to fans of The Bold Type, it’s everything. Suttard is the ship name for Sutton and Richard, the established couple on the Freeform show.


During the most recent episode of the show, the newlywed couple saw the biggest roadblock their relationship has ever faced. It was revealed that Sutton realized she would never want to have children, which has been a long time dream of Richard’s. The episode concluded with Sutton admitting to her friends, in tears, that Richard had left her. But could this couple that once seemed like they could handle anything… really be done for good?

As the show began, Sutton and Richard were in the early stages of their relationship. Richard was Sutton’s superior at Scarlett, so the two kept their relationship a secret. But that didn’t stop them for stealing smoothes in elevators and in empty rooms.

The pair came from two completely different worlds, and were at two different stages in their lives. But they were crazy about each other. Unfortunately, the company had a problem with co-workers dating. So ultimately, the two decided to split.

In season 2, the company became more accepting of co-worker relationships, so it seemed like problem solved, right? Wrong. After going public with their relationship, Sutton began to be judged by her other co-workers. And she worried that because of her relationship, she would never be taken seriously in the workplace. So, even though it broke her heart, and his, she decided that the two couldn’t be together after all.

But the two couldn’t stop thinking about each other. After the death of Richard’s father, Sutton went to offer her condolences before heading to Paris for Fashion Week. There, she broke down and realized that she loved Richard, no matter what anyone at her job thought. But before she could profess her love to him, Richard showed up in Paris to win her back! Talk about romantic!

Sutton and Richard’s relationship only grew stronger from there. They moved in together, had lots of… intimate moments… and talked about a future together. And in season four, the two got engaged! Richard popped the question, in the exact room where he met Sutton all those years ago.

The wedding approached and it seemed like Sutton’s happily ever after with Richard was finally happening. The two planned to move to San Francisco together. But on the big day, Sutton found out that she got promoted to her dream job! She told Richard that she wanted to stay in New York, which he didn’t take fondly to at first. But after thinking it over, the two made up and officially became husband and wife!

(Freeform/Jonathan Wenk)

That brings us to the mid-season premiere of season 4, only a few short weeks ago. Sutton and Richard were enjoying newlywed life, but before they knew it, Sutton was pregnant! Richard was thrilled! Sadly, Sutton suffered a miscarriage, which made her realize that she wasn’t ready to have kids. And, she never would be.

Which brings us to the most recent episode. Sutton admitted the truth to Richard, knowing it would break his heart. Spoiler alert: it did. They two fought and said hurtful things to each other out of anger and frustration. Richard felt like he had to make a choice: Sutton or the idea of having a family. After a talk with Jacquline, Richard returned home to tell his wife that he loved her and she professed her love back to him.

But the damage had already been done. The couple knew they loved each other, but Richard couldn’t let go of his dream. The two shared a sweet moment: the first love scene the two had where being “steamy” wasn’t at the forefront. It was a beautiful, heartbreaking moment for the two lovers to say goodbye to each other. When Richard walked out, visibly as upset as Sutton, it felt like more than a break-up. It felt like a sad, heart-wrenching farewell between two soulmates. They both wanted different things, but were clearly devoted to loving each other. And unfortunately, sometimes it takes more than just devoted love to make a marriage last.

Is this really the end of all things Suttard? Or can the two eventually make it work? Could both Sutton and Richard get what they want? When will The Bold Type resume since filming was shut down because of Coronavirus? Here’s hoping we get all these answers in this week’s Season 4 finale of The Bold Type, Thursday on Freeform.