Hocus Pocus 2 Teaser Promises Bushels of Halloween Fun

Looks like old magic is brewing in Salem, Massachusetts. 

In a teaser released on June 28th, the Sanderson sisters make their long-awaited return. Though the plot’s finer details have yet to be revealed, it seems like the sequel to the 1993 cult classic will provide a fresh, newer perspective than its predecessor. 

The teaser introduces three new characters, a group of teenaged girls in high school. Another character drops a not-so-subtle hint – “you know, legend has it, it’s on a sixteenth birthday a witch gets her powers” – right before the girls start casting a spell, which once again resurrects the Sanderson sisters. 

That’s a totally different direction than the first movie took, which saw its main character, Max, fight off the Sanderson sisters after they attempt to kill his little sister. Though the Sanderson sisters are definitely evil witches (albeit pretty hilarious ones), it seems like this movie might be giving a more nuanced take on what witches can be. Speaking of Max, there’s no telling whether he and/or the other members of the original cast will make an appearance. A black cat – looking suspiciously like one Thackery Binx – did quickly appear, however. Regardless of possible cameos, though, the movie’s sure to be super fun. 

Keep an eye out for the full-length trailer until the movie’s available for streaming on Disney +, September 30th.