HSMTMTS: A musical theater club’s Instagram

The High School Musical: The Musical: The Series holiday special delivered more than just holiday tunes and riveting performances; it also gave fans a sneak peek into season 2 of the series. Even more intriguing is the prospect of the theater club launching their own Instagram. Even though the Instagram page will only appear in the show, we’re left wondering what kind of posts would grace the Instagram of East High’s musical elite. We’re super psyched for the next season of HSMTMTS. So any far-flung imaginings of the upcoming story would help tide us over. Here are a few things we’d love to see on East High theater club’s Instagram page.


Let’s be honest; this is the first thing that crossed our minds when an Instagram page was announced. Even if the season 2 performances are still being kept under wraps, maybe we’d be treated to a little impromptu jam session. We’d love to see another ballad from Nini, or an unlikely duet (we’re thinking E.J. and Seb or better yet Ashlynn and Big Red!). Or maybe Gina and Carlos could whip out a jazzy bit of choreography. Just a bit of that High School Musical magic is all we’re asking for!

Throwback Thursday

Who doesn’t love a good TBT? East High’s theater club has got to have some old pictures of dance recitals or choir practices lying around. What we’d really like to see is a snapshot of Miss Jenn in her glory days as an extra on High School Musical. Bonus points if Lucas Grabeel or other High School Musical cast members make an unexpected appearance.

Candid pics and videos

We love the hallway interviews we get from the theater club in the HSMTS episodes. But we’d also like to see some casual interactions. Putting on a musical production means long hours building sets, setting up equipment, and running lines. The best part about spending so much time with the same group of people is sharing the experience. And of course getting hilariously slap happy on four hours of sleep. Let’s see Ricky and Kourtney pull a prank on Miss Jenn or get a picture of Nini absolutely covered in paint after a day working on the set.

Behind the scenes

Much like the unplanned moments on set, behind the scenes also has a certain magic to it. We want to see the inner workings of musical production and find out what keeps the show running like a well-oiled machine. It’d be great if Carlos could give us a tour that includes the theater club’s hardworking crew. We’d also love to see Big Red’s territory as a lighting designer and a glimpse and the importance of a musical’s technical aspects.

Beauty and the Beast sneak peek

Of course, we want just a little look at season 2 of HSMTS! The only thing we know for sure about the next production is that it be an adaptation of Beauty and the Beast – as if we weren’t already excited! We’d like to see the Instagram page post a few sly peeks of setting up for season 2 and some hints as to casting choices. We’re hoping for a video of a few members of the theater club practicing some songs for their upcoming auditions! All we’re asking for is a pic of E.J. dressed as Gaston!

What kind of content would you want to see from the HSMTS theater club Instagram page? Let us know in the comments!