HSMTMTS: After The Musical call 3

Okay, that last call really left viewers hanging. After a rather awkward conversation between Ricky and Nini, Big Red was freaking out, blowing up Ricky’s phone with emergency texts. What could be going on? This week, we’ll unpack all the answers the last call left you looking for. Let’s dive into it!

On this week’s teaser, Ricky returns Big Red’s texts with a video call. Big Red answers, frantically asking him if he knew “Nini was the one when you two first kissed?!” Ricky, quite confused, quickly realizes something happened between Big Red and Ashlyn. It was only, “the greatest kiss of a generation” Big Red told him. Before Ricky can get out more to say than “Dude!”, Ashlyn joins the call. 


Ashlyn admits she has been working on planning a surprise. She wants to throw Gina a welcome home party! But there’s one issue: It’s not official if Gina will stay at East High. 

Ricky is quick to point out his doubts on her staying, he noticed Gina didn’t speak to anyone at the cast party the previous night. Ashlyn tries to think of an explanation but she is now not feeling as confident as before. She begins to wonder if she is planning a party that may never happen. Noticeably upset, Ashlyn tells the boys “I should go…back to planning a party that may be completely useless now.” Another awkward hang up, leaving us with so many questions yet again.

You have to appreciate the efforts of these one minute clips to keep you in the loop. If the goal here is to keep the audience on the edge of their seats, eager for more, then they nailed it! Even with the desire for season two’s release, you can admit…

you’re almost just as excited to see next week’s call.