Sabrina Carpenter Released New Hit Single “Skin”

Sabrina Carpenter is a singer, songwriter, actress and designer, who has just signed with Island Records! “It’s the perfect place for me to start the next chapter of my music career and evolution as an artist,” she expressed on joining the Island Records team. Her new song “Skin”, which she released January 22, is “her most confident single” (Billboard). 

Sabrina Carpenter began her career with acting in 2011. It was a few years later that she had her breakthrough starring in a Disney Channel series “Girl Meets World”, as Maya Hart. She debuted as a singer in 2014, the same year she signed with Hollywood Records. Her single “Can’t Blame a Girl for Trying” premiered on Radio Disney. Just recently, she left Hollywood Records, and is currently signed with Island Records. “Skin” is her first song with this record label and after listening to this one, we’re all excited to see the work they’ll do this year.

Now let’s talk about this new single. Sabrina Carpenter uses her music as a way of expressing her emotions and “Skin” is a prime example of that. The words of the lyrics and power of her voice, reflect the newly found confidence the artist has gained. “Can’t get under my skin, If I don’t let you in,” she sings, sending a strong message to her audience. At the end of the song, the beat fades which creates a more vulnerable point in the piece. Some may argue this is an expression of insecurity, however this artist uses this point to an advantage. Carpenter uses the soft instrumentals as a chance to really show off her emotions through her voice, putting it in the spotlight. 

Kicking off the year with such a strong piece, it’s hard to imagine how Sabrina Carpenter will top this one. But it’s only the start. And on her new path with Island Records, we expect to see a lot more of everything we love about “Skin”. If you haven’t already, be sure to listen to this amazing song! And keep an eye out for her next releases.

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