HSMTMTS characters share their dream roles

HSMTMTS season 2 is not premiering on Disney+ until May, but these clips on their instagram page are helping out a lot while we wait in anticipation for the new season. This week Miss Jen gives the ultimate musical theatre question “What is your dream role?” She starts us off with letting us know how she would love to just simply have a part with dialogue. She then passes the question on to some of her students so she can consider it for future productions. 

As the senior member of the cast, E.J. is “practical” and picks “Daddy” Warbucks from Annie. Seb wants to be Jack from Into the Woods because of his certain loyalty to cattle. Nini has always wanted to play Mary Poppins, even saying she would try to fly with an umbrella when she was younger. Ashlyn claims to be born to play the role of mother Abbess from The Sound of Music because of how nun culture speaks to her. Carlos has the same answer as Ashlyn, and also wants to play the Mother Abbess.

Kourtney, being obsessed with the Suite life of Zack and Cody, wants to have a musical adaptation starring Dylan, Cole, and her as the third sprouse triplet. Gina confidently states that her dream role has not been written yet, but she is certain that it will change lives. Big-Red obviously confused with the word “Role” answers that his dream role is either a butter croissant, or a hot dog bun. Ricky also has the same confusion and answers spicy tuna roll. Mr. Mazzara thinks everyone’s dream role should be a functioning member of society who respects their elders. recycles, and chews with their mouths closed, then goes on to say that Aaron Burr from Hamilton is his dream role although he does not know any of the lyrics.


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The students of East Highs dream roles are both perfect and hilarious at the same time. Which musical roles do you personally think would be best for everyone? 

With over two months until we can watch season two, it is nice that we are still able to see these characters and get glimpses of  them even though we are in between seasons. We can not be more excited for when it premieres on May 14th!