Happy Birthday to Pretty Little Liars Hanna Marin

It has been almost 4 years since the series finale of Pretty Little Liars. And today is March 7th which means it’s a happy birthday for the Hanna Marin.  

By Quincy Corsey

Pretty Little Liars is a story about bullying in every way. Hanna, being one of the main characters and arguably the most story centered out of the four, has been shown to be more than just a regular popular girl who just wanted to be her frenemy Alison.  As the show progressed, she became more independent and broke from her hold of Alison’s verbal abuse. In honor of her birthday here are 3 great moments that made Hanna the best Liar of them all.

#1. Hanna Staying True to Herself


When Alison disappeared, Hanna did not have someone to look towards for inspiration on what to achieve. Out of all the liars, Hanna was the one with the most disconnect and upfront problem. She felt like she could not physically relate to the rest and she really wanted to. This drove her to the point of becoming who her oppressor was. Hanna left the liars and became the it girl with Mona. The difference between her and Alison however, was the power Hanna had to let go of it all. She realized that Lucas, Mona, and other people who weren’t liars kept her grounded. She realized when she got there that it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. 

#2. Hanna & Caleb: True Love

Hanna’s love life came to have a lot of hardships because of her physical appearance. When she dated Sean, she would try to get him to sleep with her but always failed to. Hanna wasn’t ugly, but to the rest of her friends she was the least desirable in the liars. So, when Caleb came around it was not like Sean before or Jared after. She decided to take a risk and be a lot more realistic this time around. When she was with Sean, she thought they’d be together forever. But with Caleb she wasn’t too sure, and she accepted that. Caleb truly started out as a friend and ended as more. Eventually after they left high school, they got back together. Despite all that happened, it was meant to be.

#3. Hanna Coming Full Circle

Hanna by the end of it all had come to understand and actualize who she was. Mona, who was A, had tried to break her down the same way Alison did, through verbal abuse. She knew Hanna’s biggest flaw was her confidence to the point where she along with the help of Alison developed Bulimia. Bulimia created a front for Hanna to be where she wanted to be. And it came back to haunt her. She eventually found herself and became comfortable in the end. The biggest problem she ever had is what also what gave her peace and purpose.

Hanna’s best times and moments are the parts we get to see people relate to. The idea of self-confidence can truly make or break someone and that was Hanna’s story. Self-love and what it takes to make who you are. I have seen some blogs saying she could have been portrayed more realistic with Bulimia and this is true. However, she came to be a great representation for young women going through the same situations.

So happy Birthday Hanna and best wishes to you and Caleb on your marriage!

If you or anyone else are going through something Hanna has, please take a look at these links or call this hotline to talk to someone.


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