HSMTMTS Frankie A Rodriguez and Joe Serafini take a Beauty and the Beast test

We’re counting down the days until new episodes of High School Musical The Musical The Series! The second season of the hit show will premiere May 14 on Disney+. And the musical of the year will be Beauty and the Beast!

Beauty and the Beast is a Disney classic. The story follows Belle, who loves to read and wants adventure outside of her little town. But when she meets the Beast who lives in an enchanted castle, all hope seems lost. But after getting to know the Beast, she realizes that there is more to him that meets the eye.


Everyone knows the fun musical which includes songs like “Be Our Guest,” “Gaston,” “Belle,” and of course, “Beauty and the Beast.” And now the cast of HSMTMTS is putting their own spin on the classic tale. Some of the cast list has been announced – who do you think will play each role?

Before East High takes on Beauty and the Beast, we wanted to see how well the cast knows the movie. We spoke with Frankie A Rodriguez who plays Carlos and Joe Serafini who plays Seb. And we decided to play a little game with them!

YEM tested how much they know about Beauty and the Beast with a fun game of “Who Said It.” We give a quote from Beauty and the Beast, and the boys have to guess what character said the quote! The game starts easy, then gets harder with each level. Frankie and Joe has a great time with this game – but there can only be one winner!  Do either of them get a perfect score? Watch us play the game below and find out!


And make sure to tune in for season two of High School Musical The Musical The Series on Disney+ May 14!