Happy Mother’s Day from Rugrats

By: William Beavers

If you want something to watch on Mother’s Day, watch the Rugrats Mother’s Day (season 4, episode 2) special in which we finally learn the truth about Chuckie Finster’s (voiced by Christine Cavanaugh) mom (voiced by Kim Cattrall). 

Trigger warning: 

In the episode Chuckie’s dad wonders what to do with his wife’s things after she died in order to preserve and honor her memory. Chuckie’s memory of his mom reminded him that she will always be in his heart and remembering her brought joy to him and his father.

In ‘Mother’s Day’, Chuckie grapples with the fact that his biological mother, is not here on Mother’s Day, and the Rugrats unsuccessfully try to find him a replacement mother. Meanwhile, Angelica is busy trying to make an art project for her mother and cons Chuckie into doing it in exchange for her pretending to be his mom. If that’s not enough, Chuckie’s dad is struggling with finding out what to do with his mother’s belongings and telling his son the truth about her.

The episode reminds the audience of the lengths some kids go through to show their mom how much they love them. Sure, the babies went through some gross childish stuff and Stu’s Mother’s Day invention messed up the living room, but in the end, these crazy situations brought each Rugrat and their mother closer together.

As for Angelica, in her own harsh way, she did her best to make a gift to symbolize her love and appreciation for her mother, and even though the art was destroyed, her mother still cared about the thought. 

Three years after the Mother’s Day episode aired, in Rugrats in Paris: The Movie Chuckie gets adoptive mom, Kira Watanabe and baby sister Kimi. This goes to show that you don’t have to be biologically related to be a family. Sadly, there doesn’t appear to be any mention of Kira or Kimi in the reboot, yet, anyway.

Happy Mother’s Day from the Rugrats!

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