HSMTMTS Frozen Cast Call Predictions

2022 is quickly creeping up on us, and that means that HSMTMTS season 3 will also be here! In fact, production starts in January. Filming has already moved from Utah to California, and the wildcats are going to summer camp! It’s confirmed that the crew is also going to be performing their own rendition of Frozen.

On Twitter, some fans have been vocal about how the decision to put on a production of Frozen was a missed opportunity to perform Camp Rock or even HSM2 considering they are going to be at summer camp. On the other hand, some fans like the irony of having a wintery performance when the heat is so scorching that you’re in desperate need of a lemonade.

Frozen has about five central roles, and HSMTMTS only grows in its multiplying cast list. However, just like you, we have our own theories about who’s going to be cast as who.

Anna – Bright, bubbly, adventurous… Anna is one of the main (and likable!) protagonists in Frozen. She’s brave and fun and full of spunk, and for those reasons we would love to see either Seb, Gina, or Ashlyn cast as Anna. Last season, Ashlyn played the lead, but her personality definitely parallels Anna’s which still puts her at the top of the list. Seb and Gina also have the potential to play this role as well and finally have the opportunity to be in the spotlight as a lead character.

Elsa – Known for her dazzling ice powers and fierce personality, Carlos, Kourtney, or Lily are the runner ups for this role. In Season 2, both Kourtney and Lily proved that they certainly have the range to tackle “Let It Go”, but Carlos is definitely main character material as well. He played the minor role of Lumiere last season, and it would be awesome to see him take on a bigger role. Plus, if they decide to perform any songs from the Frozen Broadway musical, Lily singing “Monster”… Just something to think about…

Hans – Hans turning out to be the real villain was a plot twist that many of us didn’t see coming. He’s wickedly charming and had Anna wrapped around his finger early on into the movie. Honestly, we can see both Ricky and EJ being the perfect Hans. EJ crushed his role as Gaston, and it would be interesting to see Ricky as a villain since he played both Troy and the Beast in the past two musicals. However, newcomer Antoine from North High would be an interesting casting as well. We already see him as a rival because he’s from North High (and because he hit on Ashlyn).

Kristoff – He’s a pessimistic “fixer upper” turned Anna’s romantic interest. Kristoff’s casting can definitely go to EJ or Ricky, two characters who have had their own “fixer upping” to do. For example, last season, we saw more of Ricky’s insecurities spring up which led to the downfall of his and Nini’s relationship. Hopefully next season he’ll experience some mad character growth. However, we can’t leave out Howie who is definitely also a runner up for this role. His performance during “The Mob Song” was just a taste of his vocal range. After all, his actor Roman Banks played Evan Hansen on Broadway.

Olaf – The whole tap-dancing element is perfect for Big Red to take on since we didn’t get to see a tap dance number in season 2. Big Red is the obvious choice for the lovable, quirky, and summer-loving snowman.

And what about Nini? Olivia Rodrigo will be officially coming back for season 3. Nini, who was cast as the Beast’s rose in season 2, had the chance to write and perform her own song which was quite powerful and moving. We all know that Nini can certainly be in the spotlight as Anna or Elsa, but YEM thinks that she would best be cast as Queen Iduna. It would definitely be very moving and have us in all the feels when Queen Iduna sings with Elsa in “Show Yourself.”

So how did we do HSMTMTS fans? We would love to know your thoughts about these predictions and your predictions as well.