HSMTMTS Mondays: To 10 Guest Stars We Want to See From HSM 2 & 3, Frozen, and Camp Rock on Season 3 of HSMTMTS

1. Joe, Nick, and Kevin Jonas

Who better to spend the summer days with the wildcats at Camp Shallow Lake than the Jonas Brothers. Each of the brothers has their own experience rocking out during the summer months and going up against the competition.

2. Josh Gad

“Oh, look at that. I’ve been impaled.” Impaled in the HEART if Josh Gad aka Olaf from Frozen guest stars on HSMTMTS season 3.

3. Jonathan Groff

If there is going to be Olaf, then there must be Kristoff. Jonathan Groff is the perfect person to teach the wildcats what performing on stage is all about. He is a Broadway star, after all.

4. Jasmine Richards

As mentioned in the last article detailing what Camp Rock songs should be included in the new HSMTMTS season, Here I Am was a big favorite. How iconic would it be if Jasmine Richards came out and sang along with the East High wildcats for her powerhouse of a song?

5. Ashley Tisdale

Summer for the wildcats is about to be…Fabulous. The queen herself, Ashley Tisdale, is the only one who can enlighten the current East Highers on how to make the most of their summer break and put on a great show.

6. Meaghan Martin

The best partner to Ashley Tisdale? None other the Tess Tyler, we mean, Meaghan Martin. How cool would it be to have Meaghan and Ashley team up and teach the wildcats how to be team players? Something both of their characters had a hard time coming around to doing in Camp Rock and High School Musical.

7. Olesya Rulin

The always dependable magician on the keys, Olesya Ruin, would be the perfect guest star on HSMTMTS. You Are The Music In Me would be even better with Olesya playing along on the piano.

8. Daniel Fathers

Who else is going to show the East Highers how to rock out? None other than the rock king himself, Daniel Fathers.

9. Monique Coleman

If Corbin Bleu is going to be guest-starring on season 3 of HSMTMTS then it’s only right for Monique Coleman to join in on the fun.

10. Idina Menzel

The perfect guest star doesn’t exist-wait, yes it does and it’s Idina Menzel. Whoever is playing Elsa in Camp Shallow Lake’s version of Frozen better buckle up, because if Idina Menzel shows up, they will have THE ice queen to teach them the tips and tricks to let it go (see what we did there).