YEM Interview: Celeste O’Connor and Kyle Allen talk about The In Between (Video Content)

The In Between is a film about a teenage girl who believes her boyfriend is attempting to reconnect with her from the after world after surviving a car accident that took the life of her boyfriend. The film premieres on Paramount+ on February 11th! YEM was able to speak with Celeste O’Connor and Kyle Allen about the movie and all about what it was like to be able to make it. Celeste portrays the part of Shannon and Kyle portrays the part of Skylar.

When asked “What was the audition process like for The In Between, and what was your reaction when you got the role?” Celeste responded by saying “The audition process was actually very smooth which was lovely. I sent in a video tape and then had a little zoom with the director. He was just the sweetest, and we sat and just chatted on zoom for like two hours just about life. Then after that I sent in one more tape and that was it. It was a really smooth process. I was really excited to get the part because I loved my conversation with Arie. And I was excited because I felt like it was a project where I could collaborate with everybody“.

Kyle stated “I read the script- loved it, and I think I sent in overall about three tapes over the course of a month. I was thrilled to get it. I had auditioned for it initially in 2020 and I got the part in the beginning of 2021 and we started filming pretty soon after that, I was thrilled. To get a job right now is spectacular.

Make sure to watch the full interview with Celeste and Kyle below. They spoke more about filming scenes, working with Joey King, and just about the movie in general. Don’t forget to watch The In Between when it premieres on Paramount+ on February 11th!