HSMTMTS Mondays: Top 10 Songs We’d Like to Hear in Season 3 of HSMTMTS from High School Musical 2 and 3, Camp Rock, and Frozen

Now that High School Musical: The Musical: The Series has announced plans for season three with some hints on what the season will be about, a list is compiled below of songs from High School Musical 2 and 3, Camp Rock, and Frozen that will hopefully be featured on the show! (While Big Red and Seb were not mentioned on the most recent cast list for season 3, they are still featured below in hopes we will get to see them in the upcoming season.)

1. What Time Is It

It’s only necessary that What Time Is It from HSM 2 kicks off season three of HSMTMTS. The East Highers are about to have the summer of their lives and What Time Is It is the best way to get into that summer state of mind.

2. Who Will I Be

Mitchie said it best in Camp Rock, “Why not, try everything? Why stop, reach for any dream?” Who else is already picturing Nini performing this? Don’t forget, at the end of HSMTMTS season 2 Gina introduced Nini to her brother, Jamie, who is a successful music producer. Could Nini be given an opportunity she can’t back away from?3.

3. The Boys Are Back

Big Red and Ricky’s friendship has stayed strong through thick and thin. The Boys Are Back was an iconic song from High School Musical 3 and it would be even more iconic if everyone’s favorite friendship duo performed the high tempo rock song.

4. Let It Go

Who else is itching to see the wildcats perform Frozen? Let It Go is obviously going to bring the house down and Kourtney has the chops to do so. Her singing abilities continue to wow audiences each season and she is more than deserving to take on a song as powerful as Let It Go.

5. Love Is An Open Door

Okay, when Love Is An Open Door was performed in Frozen, Hans was clearly singing with Anna for the wrong reasons. The song is still a bop, though. That is why Big Red and Ashlyn must perform this ballad together and show off their relationship goals.

6. Fabulous

It wouldn’t be an East High summer without Fabulous from HSM 2. This song is perfect for Carlos. His entire character is, well, fabulous. Maybe he could even throw in some of his dance moves here and there.

7. Here I Am

Here I Am from Camp Rock was a banger. Peggy truly said, “sit down and listen.” The song has heart, power, and demands attention. Gina holds all three of these traits. Her style and prowess in performing this song especially would surely blow the socks off viewers.

8. Everyday

Everyday from HSM 2 makes the heart swell. Who wouldn’t get emotional to lyrics like, “There’s more to life when we listen to our hearts” and, “They say that you should follow and chase down what you dream. But if you get lost and lose yourself, what does it really mean?” This song would be perfect for season 1 Ricky and Nini, but maybe not for season 3 Ricky and Nini. There is still hope, right?

9. Can I Have This Dance

What we know for sure is Carlos and Seb content is mandatory in season 3 of HSMTMTS. How adorable would the two be if they performed Can I Have This Dance from HSM 3? Like the song says, “And with every step together, we just keep on getting better.” Each time Carlos and Seb perform together, their relationship reaches a new level.

10. We Rock

Finishing out the list is none other than We Rock from Camp Rock. This song is perfect for the entire cast to join in together. Could this song be performed after the wildcats win ‘best in snow’ for their performance of Frozen? Only time will tell.