YEM Interview: Samuel Arnold talks about Emily in Paris (Video Content)

Emily in Paris is a hit television series that just premiered its second season on Netflix. The show is about a young American woman from the Midwest who is hired by a marketing firm in Paris to provide them with an American perspective on things. YEM was able to speak with Samuel Arnold who is part of the cast. Samuel plays the part of Julien in the show. During the interview he shared what it was like being a part of the show, about his character, what his audition process for the show was like, and much more.

When asked “It seems like the atmosphere on set is very cool among the cast members, and the backdrop- I just feel like filming in Paris must be so fun and serene to work like that. What is the atmosphere like on set?”  Samuel said “ I have to say, I feel like I am very lucky. Every single person on that set is so genuine and very passionate about making that show. From the camera men, to the makeup artist, to the costume department, and the actors. Everybody was working together, we were like a strong, strong team. That really felt like making a piece of art with family. That was the vibe on set.”   

Make sure to watch the full interview with Samuel below for all of the answers and everything that Samuel has to say on being part of such a hit t.v. show. Samuel speaks about what he hopes to see for the show in the future, and gives a lot of information about what being a part of the show is like. Don’t forget to watch Samuel in Emily in Paris in seasons one and two on Netflix. Samuel does a magnificent job playing the part of Julien in the show!