HSMTMTS After The Musical: Call 4

Our weekly teaser is here to give us a quick look into the lives of our favorite East High students, before the season two premiere. This week’s call features Ashlyn, EJ, and Carlos and Seb, discussing the future of Gina’s party, and well, Gina herself. Let’s get into it!

Ashlyn starts the call with the party planning committee, and expresses that there may be an issue with their party. “I’m starting to think Gina doesn’t want to live with me next semester, and it’s totally my fault!” Ashlyn exclaims. As her and Carlos try to determine what went wrong, EJ chimes in, mentioning that Ashlyn had only asked Gina last night. He comforts Ashlyn, “You didn’t do anything wrong,” he tells her, and that she just needs to give Gina a little time, “it’s a big decision!” 



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And of course, just after speaking of Gina, EJ gets a notification from her. “Wow speak of the devil,” he says. Ashlyn is intrigued, wondering what’s going on with Gina. Gina sent EJ a cash transfer, which seems to throw him off a little. EJ tells the group he has to go call Gina now. Before Ashlyn can tell him to wait, EJ is off the call. Leaving just Carlos and Seb on the call with her, she sarcastically thanks EJ for the goodbye, and then the call ends between them all. 

What is Gina’s decision going to be on moving in with Ashlyn? And why did she send money to EJ? We can safely assume, next week’s call with involve Gina and the answers to some of those questions. Don’t miss it!

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