HSMTMTS Releases New Song from Upcoming Season

Last week, Disney posted a musical number from the yet-to-be-released third season of HSMTMTS. The song, titled “It’s On,” pays homage to another Disney Channel classic, Camp Rock 2.  

The next season has its characters taking on a whole new adventure: summer camp! The scene takes place during a color war, and the two teams duke it out by doing what they do best – singing. Of course, we can’t complain! The harmonies are killer, and every star gets to play their part. A little friendly competition never hurt anybody. Plus, it’s clear that everyone’s having fun, and the feeling’s infectious. 

Season two saw Ricky and Nini end their relationship, though the two left off as friends. While Lily betrayed him by stealing his harness, Ricky still decided to give her a second chance; Nini, on the other hand, is focused solely on her career. In the finale, new romances bloomed: Miss Jenn and Ricky’s father were given the go-ahead to date (leaving Mr. Mazzara in the dust), and Gina and E.J., despite having a rough start, begin dating. Who knows where these romances will lead? Either way, it’ll be fun to watch. 

Season 3 will be available to stream on Disney + July 27th.