ICYMI: TV Highlights For The Week Of October 4th, 2015

Welcome to ICYMI where YE catches you up on some of the best moments from your favorite TV shows from the past week, you know, just in case you missed it!!! This week we will feature the big WOW moment and the big UPSET from Gotham, Scream Queens, and Awkward, just to name a few. Grab the popcorn and get comfy as you catch up on the TV highlights from all your faves!



WOW Moment: After a Sex and the City marathon turns into a Sex and the City themed dream sequence in which Jenna revisits all her old flames looking for answers about her flaws as a partner, Jenna comes to the pretty obvious conclusion that not only does she sabotage all her own relationships, but, GASP, she does it because she’s still in love with Matty!!!!

Upset of the Week: Tamara goes on her own soul-searching walkabout, but this one in real life where she chases down Adam to apologize for leading him on through an engagement. After one botched attempt at apologizing, she finally gets it right, only to be rejected…for the second time. Ouch!!!

Faking It


WOW Moment: We finally meet Shane’s mom at a PFLAG Hoe Down event, only to find out the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. She’s just as wanton and sex-crazed as Shane…and turns out she and Karma’s mom are PFLAG rivals! Small world!!

Upset of the Week: At the behest of Karma’s mom who just wants to impress PFLAG members with her cool “lesbian” daughter, Karma and Amy fake it, AGAIN!!! But this time around Amy swears she’s over her Karma feelings while Karma almost looks, dare we say, very comfortable and happy faking it, and maybe even a little disappointed when Amy dips to comfort her mom? Hmmmmmm…..



WOW Moment: Jerome, the gingery Joker-type character terrorizing Gotham as of late, upped the ante in his reign of terror, killing his own father and staging an elaborate invasion of Wayne Manor during a fundraiser, nearly killing Bruce, but then…

Upset of the Week:… (MAJOR SPOILER ALERTS) Theo stabs Jerome, betrays him, and leaves him dead. Yes, you heard that right, the Joker (type character) is dead. But is his ethos of destruction and mayhem???

Scream Queens


WOW Moment: Soooo many wow moments!!! So many upsets!! How to choose? Maybe narrow it down to 2… 1. Grace and Pete track down the lone survivor of the 1995 Kappa incident where a couple things happen: they find out the abandoned baby was in fact a girl and not a boy, and said middle aged survivor immediately gets offed by The Red Devil before being able to give any extra info to the young sleuths.

Upset of the Week: Double upsets also… 1. Chanel #6 and Chad Radwell discover where all those bodies have disappeared to…an abandoned shack on Shady Lane where Zayday was attempting to throw a Halloween/Kappa President candidacy party. Super scary!!! And then the BIG upset!!! 2. Turns out that Gigi is mixed up in all the 1995 business as well, which is to be expected given her 90’s malltastic teen beat wardrobe. She maybe probably cared for the mystery baby back then!!! Gasp!!! We’ll have to keep watching to see precisely her connection!