Up-and-Comer: Denise On ‘The Muppets’

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that the Muppet universe experienced some shakeups recently as Kermit and Miss Piggy consciously uncoupled over the summer. But since Kermit is the exec producer of Piggy’s late night talk show, the two exes are still forced to work together post-breakup, and the dramas surrounding their working relationship are detailed in the new ABC mockumentary The Muppets where a camera crew follows all the behind the scenes action in the world of Kermy and Piggy.


Denise with her man!

One of those behind the scenes workplace dramas centers around newcomer Denise. Denise is the head of marketing for Miss Piggy’s show, a pig, and also just happens to be Kermy’s new girlfriend. That’s right, even Kermy admits that he “has a type.” 

While Denise isn’t a performer like Piggy–rather, she’s just an ambitious young lady trying to climb the corporate ladder like every other post-grad millennial–Denise has nonetheless stolen the show and our hearts in The Muppets. Piggy is definitely the mistress of show business, but the simpler and chiller Denise wins audiences over with her sweet charm and relaxed demeanor. And though it’s clear that Piggy is feeling a bit green regarding Denise’s influence over Kermy and the show, this young up-and-comer doesn’t flinch at a little friendly competition between two pigs.


While Denise has no show biz career plans as of yet, we look forward to seeing more from this ambitious and talented young pig this season on The Muppets. We want to keep this millennial marvel around, and we hope she’s as special to Kermy as she is to us!