Indi Star shares words of encouragement to young girls in the entertainment industry

Indi star is an actress, singer, dancer, model, and content creator. Indi has a new single titled “Afterglow”. Her  new single “Afterglow premiered on June 18th with her music video that followed. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts and relocated to Los Angeles, California at eight years old. YEM was able to speak with Indi about her first single as a solo artist, her earliest memory of performing, and how she juggles everything that she does.

Young Entertainment Magazine: Where was the first place you’ve traveled to outside of your state to perform on stage?

Indi Star: One of the first places I traveled to perform outside of California was Texas. It was really fun because I had a whole stage performance and screen behind me.

YEM: What was the first big campaign/commercial that you’ve worked with?

Indi: It may not have been my first big campaign but one of my favorite big commercials I did was playing Spider Gwen as the drummer in a superhero rock band in a toy commercial!

YEM: What was your first single as a solo artist? How did it make an impact for your musical career?

Indi: My first single was Just Might Dance! My music video for Just Might Dance has 2.5M views on YouTube! It really helped my music career grow!

YEM: Out of all the social media platforms you’re on, which one is your favorite and why?

Indi: I definitely love TikTok! I love creating TikToks and whenever I’m bored, I just scroll through TikTok, plus I actually learn quite a bit on TikTok that I wouldn’t have learned without it!

YEM: Which is your first love – acting, dancing, or singing?

Indi: I started off dancing when I was 3 years old! Then around 8 I started getting into singing and acting! I think my main love is singing because it really encompasses all of my lives especially when I make the music videos and I am able to sing, dance and act!

YEM: How did you and your family react when you hit 2 million followers collectively on all of your social media?

Indi: It’s so incredible!!! I really just couldn’t believe it. We moved to LA to pursue all of my dreams and just seeing my dreams come true is so amazing to me! My family and I all work as a team managing all of my social media platforms and it’s very rewarding to reach those big milestones!

YEM: What is your earliest memory of performing?

Indi: One of my first memories performing was with my sister Azalea. I think I was around 5 or 6 and we performed “My Favorite Things” in a talent show. We even made up our own dance!

YEM: What philanthropic cause are you most passionate about and why?

Indi: I really have a few different passions, but Autism Awareness is a cause that is very important to me for personal and family reasons! I am really passionate about respecting and including everyone no matter their race, sex, personal preferences and abilities!

YEM: How do you juggle everything that you’ve got going on? What do you do when you feel tired from all of the work you’re doing?

Indi: I’ve grown up in the industry and have always had a crazy busy schedule, so I am definitely used to it!! Having a schedule and lists to help me stay on track and organized is key. But, when I feel tired and in need of a break, I like to chill and watch some of my favorite tv shows or do some arts and crafts!

YEM: What is a word of encouragement that you can give to young girls who want to get into the entertainment industry?

Indi: Be strong! Don’t let others take advantage of you and don’t compare yourself to others! Have strong beliefs that matter to you and use them to guide your decision making. If people try to tear you down don’t let them. Always remember, if they are trying to tear you down, it’s because they are trying to bring you down to their level.

YEM: What is your favorite type of video to create for YouTube?

Indi: My favorite Youtube videos to make are fun challenges and outrageous pranks! I love making spin the wheel and dare challenges with my friends! I also love a good prank especially when the person being pranked has no idea what is going on!

YEM: What makes your upcoming single “Afterglow” stand out from your previous ones? What was the process of putting together the song like?

Indi: Afterglow definitely stands out from the rest of my music because I feel like I’ve grown a lot as an artist over the past year. With the help and guidance of my new managers, Tim and Samia, we actually found my new voice and style of songs that I love to create. I’ve worked very hard on Afterglow, and I feel that my music has definitely matured!

Check out Indi Star in her music video for Afterglow!