Scarlett Johansson Is Working With Disney Again But Not As Black Widow

Disney is on a roll with these ride-inspired films. First, It was a Jungle Cruise. Now, it’s the horrifically famous Disney World theme park ride “Tower Of Terror”.

Tower Of Terror is an elevator drop ride located in The Twilight Zone in Disney Hollywood Studios. It’s based on the story of missing hotel patrons. It was 1939, Halloween night when a couple hotel patrons decided to take the elevator. Then, a violent storm hit the hotel and the hotel patrons were never seen again. What happened to them? Were they kidnapped? Or is there a monster lurking about?

Scarlett Johansson was announced to star and produce this movie adaptation of the horror ride. The ride gives vibes of a horror and mystery type of film but only time will tell what Disney wants to take on the film.

One thing is for sure, the movie is going to be set around the 1930s. The whole theme of the ride is centered in this setting so, odds are that the film will most likely be the same. The ride is known for its old and vintage Hollywood vibes. So, Disney production companies will take it upon themselves to set the same vibes. Great vintage Hollywood alway catches the audience’s eyes. 

Josh Cooley has been rumored to write the script for the upcoming movie. Cooley has done written scripts for some of the recent great movies for Disney like, “Inside Out” and “Toy Story 4”. So, there’s no doubt that Cooley won’t bring his all to this new project. 

This isn’t the first time Disney does a movie adaption of one of their theme park rides. “Pirates Of The Carribean” and “Tomorrowland” are both based of rides. These have been very successful with the fans. So, there are high expectations for the upcoming “Tower Of Terror” movie but, no worries Disney is known to produce some of the greatest movies. 

It will be great to see Scarlett Johansson working with Disney again even if it isn’t her role as Black Widow. However, there’s no doubt she won’t kill it in whatever role she is playing in “Tower Of Terror”.