Interview: Actor/Model Tommy Hatto

Tommy Hatto is an actor and model from England. And he is already making quite a name for himself in the US. He is currently writing a wellbeing, health and fitness book for young adults. And, he is working on the upcoming movie ‘The Last Full Measure’ where he co-stars along Samuel L Jackson. He will even play Lili Reinhart’s love interest in her upcoming movie called Hustlers. YEM spoke with Tommy about his career and his upcoming movie.

Young Entertainment Mag: You are starring in the movie “The Last Full Measure.” Can you tell us about your character?
Tommy Hatto: I play a character called named Psill, who is a young soldier thrown into the chaos of the Vietnam War. Part of the story tells of these young brave soldiers, some of whom were drafted, going through the turmoil of war. Part of the story tells of these young brave soldiers, some of whom were drafted, going through the turmoil of war in a country they are unfamiliar with, surroundings and climate they don’t know. They are aided by this incredibly brave pararescueman named William Pitsenbarger and the film follows the journey that is taken for William to be awarded the ‘Medal of Honor’.

YEM: The movie stars Samuel L. Jackson. What was it like to work with him? Were you a fan?
Tommy: I didn’t actually get to work with him, which was a total shame. My role is set in a different time period to the role that Samuel plays. That’s the crazy thing about making movies. You just assume that the cast all film together and hang out afterwards, but it’s quite common for the first time meeting be at the premiere or on a press tour. I’m a massive Samuel L. Jackson fan. I think I’ve seen, like, 90 percent of his movies. One of my all-time favourite films is Coach Carter. I remember watching that film for the first time, and just how much it resonated with me. So powerful and inspirational. It definitely still makes me shed a tear.

YEM: You are also writing a fitness book! Can you tell us about that?
Tommy: The book combines aspects of mind positivity, body confidence, health and fitness. I didn’t initially set out to write a book. The concept came so organically to me. I was writing little anecdotes and notes to myself as ways to encourage me to keep going in this career. It’s so up and down in this industry, so I had to remind myself to stay focused, stay positive and love me for who I am. From there, I realised I had something that I could share with people, for young people written by a young person.

YEM: How did the idea for a fitness book come to be? Where did that idea come from?
Tommy: It evolved from my own personal experiences of health and fitness. Even before entering this industry, I had no clue about even where to begin. I’ve gone from one extreme to another of health, and through that journey – I have a lot of knowledge to share.

We see so many photos online of people with great bodies, great skin and we feel inferior to them… even I do. But it’s that constant reminder that who we are as individuals is something to love and celebrate, not be ashamed of. Along with everyone else, I’m a young person navigating through this age of social media and constant pressure to look good, so I want young people to have a resource where they can visit and properly educate themselves on the importance of being the best version of yourself. I have lived it, made the mistakes, and can pass the do’s and don’ts on.


YEM: You’re also a model. Which do you prefer: acting, writing, fitness, or modeling?
Tommy: Above anything else, I prefer entertaining. That’s where my heart lies and that’s who I am. I want people to see or read my work, and enjoy it. I want people to feel good. And I want people to laugh. I guess through acting, I get to achieve that. I’m filming a project at the moment and I’m having the time of my life. Because sometimes the gaps between work can be quite lengthy, I forget how enjoyable it is to really dissect a character and analyse their strengths, weaknesses, flaws and bring that to life on screen.

YEM: Finally, if you could work with any actor, who would it be and why?
Tommy: There are so many people I want to work with. I could reel off so many to you. From an acting perspective, it’ll be Tom Hardy. He’s such an intense character that I think the experience of working with him would be awesome. There’s so much I could learn just from watching him on set and reading with him.

From a ‘I just really want to meet them’ perspective, it has to be Dwayne Johnson. I love Dwayne Johnson. But then there’s also great actors of a similar age to me that I’d love to work with, like Dylan O’Brien. I’m a big fan of him and his work. His talent is so diverse. I bumped into him at The Mazerunner premiere last year, and we said hi to each other, but I really should have just made the request there and then to make a movie together. I think Netflix should hit us up for a buddy comedy.