From East High to Getting on stage with Boyz II Men, Liamani Segura FaceTimed with Us on How She Can Do It All | Young Entertainment Exclusive

Liamani Segura has risen to stardom with her powerful voice in seasons three and four of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. She played Emmy, starting out as the wide-eyed eighth grader at Camp Shallow Lake, waiting excitedly for her first audition. 

Young Entertainment FaceTimed Liamani to learn more about her songwriting career and if they’ll be more Emmy in her future.

“It’s been crazy, all this attention that I am suddenly getting and it’s so beautiful and I love all my fans so, so much, and all the support, it all means so much to me.”

Liamani grew up in Racine, Wisconsin and started singing at six years old, performing at big sports events by the time she was 10. At 13, she shared the stage with Boyz II Men. While she doesn’t have any acting projects in the works that we know of, she is working on her original music which she hopes to share with everyone very soon.

Liamani has a passion for singing but had never really considered acting before getting the gig on High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. When she was given the script and read about Emmy’s character, she said she fell in love with her and decided to try something new. In season four, Emmy is a freshman at East High and gets casted as Taylor McKessie in the fall production of High School Musical 3: Senior Year. In episode six, Liamani performs “Dreams Don’t Die” and she said it was such a powerful and emotional song to perform.

“I think that being a teenager in this new generation is so important and it comes with so many ups and downs and difficulties that not a lot of people warn you about. So I definitely want to write about that and I want my music to grow with my fans.”

While being a part of the show, the actress developed instant connections with her fellow cast members — Sofia Wylie, Joshua Bassett, Julia Lester, Frankie Rodriguez, and the list goes on. They each gave her such great advice, one of which was to always be yourself. At the end of the show, creator Tim Federle had the cast members write notes to each other, and Liamani said that it was a really special experience. 

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Consider this:
-Keep following your dreams and goals and good things will come. Stay focused and work hard. 

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