Isabella Barrett shares what she does to balance her busy life

Isabella Barrett is a New Jersey native and will be co-hosting a Young Hollywood” style red carpet brand event to celebrate the reopening of New York City on June 7th. YEM was able to speak with Isabella about her inspirations, balancing her busy life, and her favorite parts of hosting events.

Young Entertainment Mag: How does it feel to be co-hosting a red carpet event after everything being shut down for so long?
Isabella Barrett: I am so excited to be co-hosting the Selfie Station event after attending so many virtual events over this past year ! I think nothing compares to being able to interact with clients,brands and fans .
YEM: Along with hosting you also do many things such as modeling and you are an entrepreneur. What are you most interested in?
Isabella: Business ! I feel like I am and Entrepreneur before anything . Whether I’m modeling and acting or running my brand it all comes down to using my skills as an entrepreneur.
YEM: Who inspires you to do what you do every day?
Isabella: My friends and family are my biggest supporters they keep me motivated to always do better.
YEM: What is something that you would tell a younger Isabella that you think you needed to hear when you were young?
Isabella: I think when your young you always feel like what’s happening at that moment will never change or you will not get over it . I would tell myself to not worry so much about , school, business , friends things always get better .
YEM: What is one trick to hosting that you think everyone should know?
Isabella: Be yourself – Sometimes you feel like you have to fit a certain mold but people are loving you for exactly who you are “that’s how you got the job” lol so just be you .
YEM: What is the best piece of advice you have received by someone in your life so far when it comes to working in the industry?
Isabella: Hard work pays off ! If you do something everyday you will get very good at it and succeed .
YEM: How do you balance your life as you seem to be busy with so many things?
Isabella: I love being busy ! I don’t like to have nothing on my schedule so this lifestyle works perfect for me .
YEM: What is something you hope that you can start or get into in the future?
Isabella: I am starting my vocational classes for the medical field this next year and hope to explore Nursing or bring a Doctor.
YEM: How do you use your social media platform? Do you use it to help bring awareness to issues people should know about?
Isabella: I try to use my social media platform to help others especially girls my age feel like they always have someone who can relate and talk too. Being a teen is not easy and I am happy to be a friend to anyone who needs one.
YEM: What is your favorite part about hosting events?
Isabella: I love meeting new people and hearing there stories of success and how they got here . I am also a girl so I love the FASHION!
YEM: What was the experience of being on Toddlers and Tiaras like?
Isabella: I had the best time in my TV days and loved being on many tv show . Without Toddlers and Tiaras I would not be where I am today and the platform of being on tv really helped my jewelry line take off .
YEM: Did being a part of pageants teach you anything that you still use to this day?
Isabella: Pageants taught me how to speak on stage which is something I definitely use from presenting a project at school to hosting a red carpet 🙂