Vevo LIFT Released Olivia Rodrigo’s Short Film “Write Your Heart Out”

Be prepared to become inspired to “write your heart out” in Olivia Rodrigo’s new short film. She is really getting ‘lifted’ to stardom.

After Rodrigo’s successful collaboration with Vevo LIFT for her song “favorite crime”, a short film was made together. It describes how Rodrigo felt while creating her debut album ‘SOUR’. It was released on the fourth and is already about to reach one million views. Some fans in the YouTube comments are even going as far to call her the spokesperson of the generation. Wow, what a big title for her!

The film starts with her saying: “I spent a lot of time by myself. I come up with my best ideas when I’m truly alone. I think that’s why I fell in love with songwriting.” and she is seen sitting in her room writing in her notebook. Then, she goes on to say: “I’ve always been super emotional. I’ve always felt things really deeply. So writing has really been a way for me to process those emotions and make them a little less confusing. Things become so much clearer when you write them down.” It is true, the fans have been able to really hear her express herself well and not hold anything back. 

She ends the film with “Growing up never really scared me. I always get really excited by the thought of getting older. It’s cool with like, looking back and seeing how much you’ve grown and persevered. I just love figuring out more about myself, and about the world, coming into my own more, and I feel like that’s a product of growing up so, why would I be scared of that.

The film was shot beautifully and had stunning graphics. Some of the settings and graphics of the short film crosses with her other videos like, “deja vu” and “favorite crime. For example, the pint of icecream and her sitting on the roof of the house. However, there are some new settings, which brought out the whole vibe Ridrigo wanted to capture for her album. 

It seems like Olivia is moving on and growing up. It’s great to watch her grow into an independent and strong-willed young adult. Make sure you watch her short film out now on YouTube! It will truly inspire you!