New artist on the rise, JB Somers on his new music

JB Somers is an extremely talented singer songwriter. He just released two singles “Soon” and “Hurt You” earlier this year, and has had a connection to music ever since he can remember. JB is extremely passionate about his art, and it really shows in everything he does. During Covid JB moved from Florida to Nashville to pursue his passion of songwriting. Make sure to look out for some new releases coming soon. 

Young Entertainment Mag: When did you really start to connect with music, what is your earliest memory?

JB Somers: Can I say since before I was born? Just kidding. I honestly have always been so drawn to music. From the moment I can first remember being able to hold a microphone I’ve wanted to be some sort of singer or performer. My earliest memory (I think) was singing the Star Spangled Banner at a fair type atmosphere for my moms work. I was 4 and my preschool teacher had just taught us to sing this song. From that moment on I honestly was hooked. 


YEM: You recently released two new singles “Hurt You”, and “Soon”, what was the process like from start to finish?

JB: Honestly the process for both songs was pretty similar but obviously had very different outcomes. Lol. I hint at the process on my Instagram for Hurt you, but that one came less naturally than Soon. In 2019 I travelled to Nashville to take part in a writing camp with some people I connected with online. They welcomed me in and we began writing for about 3 days. Each session started with some sort of track that we laid down to help steer us in some sort of direction.  From there we began to play around with melodies and lyrics. I remember looking around the room at the few songwriters who were silently not so silently humming/singing these nonsense words and I thought everyone was insane. I had never really written this way, but it has now become my new normal.  From there we laid down a scratch vocal over the Demo and sat with that for days to weeks to months until we felt like the song was “Complete”. It has been quite an insane journey to say the least seeing these songs from their infancy to fully grown and out in the world. I’m a proud Dad. 🙂

YEM: What does it mean for you to finally have your music out in the world?

JB: Everything. It’s a scary feeling releasing something that you feel is your child out into the big world of music. As an independent artist it feels even more scary I think. I don’t have the saftey net of a label backing my release and if it fails to reach those that need to hear the song the most theres noothing I’m able to do really. On the same hand I feel really accomplished. This was a dream of mine for years to be able to release music that I’m proud of for people to be able to connect with and I’ve done just that. I’m not really able to describe the amount of pride I have experienced over the past couple of weeks with these songs being played by thousands of people from all over. It feels good. Scary, but good.


YEM: What do you hope people take away from your music when they listen to it?

JB: My passion for I do and that I was made for this. There is something more in me than just good music. I believe there is a spirit behind the stuff that I put out/sing live that trumps whether or not its good. I hope people connect with the lyrics and see that there is something different about me and my songs. I’m not just like other artists you’ve heard before.


YEM:  What was the inspiration like behind these songs?

JB: Both have become deeply personal to me. At first Hurt You was just another song of love and love lost, but by the end of the write it became about honor. I dedicated this song to my late sister Somer Johnson who passed away about 5 years ago. She was an inspiration in life and still is in her absence. Honestly my hope for Hurt You is that people will really remember how valuable life is and not waste it on meaningless squabbles, but instead really dig in and love people. We are here but an instant so lets make our relationships count!! In terms of Soon, this was inspired by my leaving a place I called home for a good many years. In 2020 when I began to look towards the future of continuing to make music I knew I had to leave Niceville Florida and plant myself where music was part of the everyday rhythm of the city. Nashville was the obvious choice, but that decision was really hard for me. I was leaving people I’d done life with for over 10 years to pursue my passions, so to cope with that overwhelming sadness I wrote a song. Lol and thats what Soon is about. 


YEM: When can fans expect the full album?

JB: Too Soon to tell, get it? Joking. I honestly couldn’t tell you. I think the plan is to stick to singles from now until we’ve grown to a size thats worthy of releasing an album. As you know music is not cheap nor does it pay well.

YEM: Is there a specific type genre of music that you like to make more than others?

JB: I really just love making good songs. I hate to pigeon hole myself into a specific genre but if I had to pick I would choose Pop due to its versatility in nature.


YEM: 8. What has the feedback been like after having your songs released?

JB: Surprisingly positive so far. I really have loved seeing the streams just go up and up with each new release, and I hope that continues. I really just appreciate that people are even listening to my music. It blows my mind really that people are supporting me and that they like the songs. I mean I like the songs don’t get me wrong, but you never know if the general public is going to love or hate your music. You can be hopeful, but you never truly know until you put something out there!

YEM: Were there any unexpected difficulties you ran into during the making of your singles and how did you overcome?

JB: COVID-19 and the pandemic itself was the biggest hurdle I’ve had to overcome. That and funding. Perseverance is so necessary in this industry. I’ve learned that it isn’t all smiles and shows and good music. It’s hard work getting noticed and sharing the gifting that you’ve been given. As terrible as this past year has been for so many people, I am beyond thankful for the opportunity it gave me to grow as an artist and human. I’ve become more confident in my writing, artistry, performance skills, and who I want to be as a performer. I am a resilient person so things like this usually only push me to grow.

YEM: Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

JB: Shoot. What a question. I’ll just name off a couple and not spend a ton of time here because I could go on for days. Hillsong United, Brooke Fraser, Hozier, Joni Mitchell, Elton John, John Mayer, Fleetwood Mac, and James Bay. Recently Lewis Capaldi, Gracie abrams, Lennon Stella, and even J.P. Saxe. Good stuff. Also I would just put a blanket statement that you could find major inspiration from anyone if you listen for long enough.


YEM: What can you tell others pursuing the same career path?

JB: Don’t rest on your laurels. Keep pushing because there is more to you than your past accomplishments. Be open to differing opinions and surround yourself with people who will not let you settle. Don’t ever strive for perfection but instead look to be the best that you can be while still enjoying what you do. 


YEM: What are some goals that you have for your future in music?

JB: I want to inspire people and to impact past what conversations can do. Music hits right to the soul and changes us for the better more times than naught. I just hope to be the kind of artist that can do that. Obviously I would also love to grow to a point that I could do this full time instead of supporting myself with a fulltime job as well. That would be amazing. I will also say that I hope to use whatever size my platform is to elevate others. I wanna be a champion of those that are deemed lesser than and a protector of authenticity.


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