High School Musical: The Musical: The Series is becoming a book series!

High School Musical: The Musical: The Series: THE ROAD TRIP is a new book coming out that is written by Melissa de la Cruz, and is inspired by the Disney+ television show High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. The book will be out May 4th for everyone to read!

The book details are as follows, “High school Musical: The Musical: The Series: THE ROAD TRIP sends the Wildcats on a crazy can’t-miss opportunity—a High School Musical convention in the next state. There’s something for everyone. Panels about mounting your next hit show. Cafeteria-tray-dance workshops, Wildcat cosplay. And even a special appearance from the pooch who played Sharpay’s dog (well, one of her puppies, that is). Ready to hit the road, the crew immediately begins making plans.

Nini can’t wait to use the weekend to show how much she cares for Ricky (especially since they just got back together). Kourtney debates signing up for a singing workshop (especially if she’s maybe, just maybe, considering auditioning for the next show). And Gina and Ashlyn decide it’ll be the perfect trial run for living together (especially because Gina has never actually had a friendship last this long). Carlos can’t wait to help Miss Jenn prep for the spring musical. Even if Seb has to stay behind to help with the family farm. But car breakdowns, late starts, and a lost E.J. throw a wrench in their plans. Will the East Highers get the weekend getaway of their dreams? Or will the bumps on the road get the better of them?”

The author of the book, Melissa de la Cruz, is a a #1 New York Times #1 Publisher’s Weekly and #1 IndieBound bestselling author. She is most notably known for her previous books The Descendants as well as the Blue Bloods series. Melissa will be discussing her new book, and answers questions about it on Thursday May 6th. 

This High School Musical: The Musical: The Series book seems as though it will be a great success. And we can not wait until it comes out! Make sure to pick up a copy on May 4th. And join Melissa on May 6th for a discussion on the book.