Joshua Bassett gives fans a live in studio listen of Do It All Again

Joshua Bassett recently shared his music with the world as he released his self-titled EP back in March. Now he released a live in studio version of his song “Do It All Again” on youtube.

The live in studio version of this Joshua Bassett song is just simply him sitting with a guitar, a microphone and his voice singing his song “Do It All Again” on camera. This song is more of a love song. And it’s a perfect choice to do a live in studio version. It is reflective, emotional, and shows off his voice in such an amazing way.

When watching Joshua sing in the video, his passion for his music is clear. He is obviously a very talented guitarist. And it is refreshing to watch him sing this song raw with just the guitar, and his voice; nothing else. The vulnerability shows through in this video in both him as the musician as well as the lyrics from the song. The single guitar makes the song that much more beautiful. And there is a power to watching him play the guitar and sing along to it without any editing done to it.

Joshua Bassett is mainly known for being on the show High School Musical: The Musical: The series, and has written songs for the show’s first and second season. His name was also thrown into the spotlight when Olivia Rodrigo, his High School Musical: The Musical: The Series co-star and ex released her hit single, Drivers License which was presumed to be about him.

It was a pure treat to be able to watch this live in studio version of Do It All Again. Joshua Bassett clearly has a bright future in music ahead of him. He is an extremely talented musician. And we can not wait to see what he releases next for everyone to hear.