Kelly Morgan shares how her experience at Showtime At The Apollo helped with her craft

Kelly Morgan is a POP/R&B singer songwriter. Her song “I wanna Fall in Love ” is out now. Kelly recently just opened for Ashanti & Ja rule & Bone thugs in Denver along with being on Showtime At The Apollo with Steve harvey. YEM was able to speak with Kelly about what her song process is like, how she got into performing, and what she is planning to do next with her music.

Young Entertainment Mag: When did you first perform on stage and what was the experience like?

Kelly Morgan: I first performed on stage when I was 7 in an elementary school play. It was so fun!!! It felt like home when I got on the stage for the first time.

YEM: How many songs have you written and what is the songwriting process like for you?

Kelly: I’ve written in total about 300 songs in total from middle school until now I started writing songs in middle school it was to help me cope from being bullied than I turned into loving songwriting a lot. When I was in middle school I would come up with melodies in my head and then write the song to the melody in my head with no beat, but now it’s the opposite lol. I like to listen and feel the beats and then write to the beat. Sometimes I run to the recorder to record the melody in my head. 

YEM: How did you get into performing and when did you get started?

Kelly: I got into performing by singing on YouTube first I would do a few covers on YouTube when I was 12 I felt like it was a outlet and it made me super happy. But I ended up stopping and gravitated more towards singing original songs.

YEM: How did you come up with your music style?

Kelly: I always gravitated towards POP & R&B . I felt both of them merged together was like paradise so I kind just stuck to it. I came up with my music style because of the way the music made me feel.

YEM: It’s amazing that you were on TV with Steve Harvey. How did you get invited to do that?

Kelly: Yes it was pretty amazing!!!! I got casted through a company I had to send in an audition video and do interviews I had to go through the whole casting process which was pretty cool to see & experience.

YEM: What show have you done that is the most memorable for you and why?

Kelly: The most memorable moment was I would say opening up for Ashanti & Ja Rule. It was my first big concert. What touched me the most was there was a lady who was deaf/impaired hearing and a translator in the front row… she was translating my song to the lady and the lady was smiling.

YEM: Are there other entertainment avenues, like acting, that you’re looking to pursue in the near future?

Kelly: Yes I think acting is a awesome! It’s pretty likable. It’s good to be versatile and open minded 🙂

YEM: Which famous singer inspires you and why?

Kelly: I have a few famous singers who inspire me but my top 3 who inspires me the most is Beyonce , Selena , and Whitney Houston. I say Beyonce because her work ethic looking at her work ethic actually inspires me to work just as hard despite whatever circumstance that may come my way to push through , Selena because her story is just so inspiring how she loved her fans and the vibe in her music is just so amazing!! it makes u want to get up and dance I love Selena so much!! Oh and her heart!! , And Whitney Houston because her voice she had such a pretty voice and she makes u feel whatever she is singing . I loved how confident in who she was as a person it’s really inspiring!!!

YEM: What are you planning to do next with your music?

Kelly: I plan to promote my music and try to have it playlisted in many different ways!! Pretty exciting!! I think every view counts or listen so i’m pretty excited!!!

YEM: If you could collaborate with any music artist in the world, who would it be and why?

Kelly: Right now I would say Olivia Rodrigo , I love how authentic she is in her music you can feel what she is singing !!! I love how she tells stories in her songs.

YEM: What is your biggest encouragement for young singers who want to make it up on stage like you?

Kelly: My biggest encouragement for young singers who want to make it up on the stage like me is… I would tell them Go for it!! Don’t be afraid to just step out and have faith believe that u can do it. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else’s process know what’s for you is for you!!!

YEM: What is the best thing about performing on stage?

Kelly: I would say being able to sing my story it’s the best feeling in the world and the energy while i’m on stage!!

YEM: What’s one challenge you had to overcome that you still use as reference to help with your craft until today?

Kelly: Definitely , Showtime At The Apollo . I think about it sometimes before going on stage what happened that night but I try to silence the noise and go out and think about the progress I have made since then and it ends up reassuring me that I got this 🙂

YEM: On your Instagram bio, it says you are “grandma inspired”. Can you tell us about your relationship with your grandma and how she influences you and your work?

Kelly: OMG!!!! This is the ultimate question I love it!! Yes me and my grandmother were super close before she passed in 2017 to complications from a stroke I even spent my birthday in the hospital with her which was the best birthday ever may I add!! , She was my best friend literally . She bought me my first karaoke machine at 7 and she would sing songs to me specifically ” take me out to the ball game ” that was the first song I learned. She made me feel safe to be able to dream and be whatever I wanted to be. Every time I do a show I have a clip play of my grandmother and me, My grandmother said I’m so proud of her and all she is trying to accomplish. She taught me to fight for what I believe in. I love my grandmother may she continue to rest in peace!! We promised each other that I would get to live my dream one day if I believed and worked hard enough for it.

Check out Kelly’s Song “I wanna Fall in Love” here!