KG Crown shares how she came up with her stage name and what it means to her

KG Crown is a singer, song-writer, actress, in addition to being a model. She has her new single “Bad” coming out later this month. Along with her new single, KG will also be appearing as the lead love interest in Gavin Magnus’ upcoming music video for his single ‘Tuesday”. KG was born in St. Louis, Missouri and raised in Michigan, but she recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue her love for music. YEM was able to speak with KG about bands or musicians she looks up to, and working with Gavin Magnus. In addition, she spoke about how she incorporates K-pop style music into her new songs as well.

Young Entertainment Mag: Looks like your upcoming songs, including “Bad”, are part of your debut EP. How does it feel now that you will be recognized as a solo musician?

KG Crown: I’m really excited to be a solo artist and very proud of the music I’m releasing this summer. But at the same time, I used to be in a band with my three older brothers. I miss playing music with them.  The 6 years we performed together were some of the best memories of my life.

YEM: From your previous experience playing with your family band Good Kicks, how different is it from being a solo artist?

KG: It’s entirely different.  I switched from Contemporary Christian Music to Pop Music and the focus is different.  Before, I was using music as a ministry. Now, I’m creating music that I like but at the same time using my voice to stand up for issues that are important to me such as anti-bullying efforts and supporting the LGBTQ community.

YEM: It’s amazing that you’re using your talents to fight against bullying. If you had one encouragement for somebody who is experiencing that right now, what would it be?

KG: I would just tell them that they are not alone.  So many people have experienced bullying. I think it is important to know that they can reach out to a friend or a trusted adult for help or advice.

YEM: Which bands or musicians do you look up to the most and why?  

KG: I love Black Pink.  I think those girls are fierce and I really love their music.  I also am a fan of Ariana Grande, Saweetie, Dojo Cat, and Billie Eilish.

YEM: Will Gavin Magnus’ new music video for “Tuesday” be the first time you work with him? How has creating the video been like?  

KG: Gavin Magnus’ “Tuesday” video was the first time he and I worked together.  But since then we have been creating content together.  We have become really good friends and hang out a lot. I think you can expect some music together in the future.

YEM: You have been a model since you were very young. What has been your most memorable modeling gig? 

KG: My favorite model shoot was for a magazine that I did with my brothers. We recreated scenes from the Beatles old photographs. We got to jump on beds in robes and have food fights. It was so much fun.

YEM: How did you come up with your stage name KG Crown? What does the crown represent?

KG: My real name is Kiera Grace and so the KG is my initials. The crown came from me being recognized for wearing crowns on Instagram.  I also wanted a symbol to remind people that they are Kings and Queens and should always be treated as such. I wanted to remind them to never let their crown fall and if it does, pick it back up and put it on proudly. 


YEM: It’s unique that you incorporated K-pop style music into your new songs. When did you first become a fan of K-pop and what do you like about it?  

KG: I love K-Pop. I have such an appreciation for Korean culture and the way K-pop bands train.  They literally live together and train for years often leaving their families at 14 years old or younger. I am a huge fan of Black Pink and really enjoyed their documentary.  I just have always loved the sound and the music.  I am very inspired by it and so I kind of took that appreciation and blended it with the other genres I liked such as rap, hip-hop, and pop.

YEM: Besides modeling and singing, do you have other creative pursuits that you are looking to go into?

KG: I also act.  I have done musical theater and commercials in the past.  I look forward to getting into film and television acting. I also would love to be in a Broadway production someday.  But right now music is very important to me. It is definitely the priority. 

YEM: How is Los Angeles, your new home, different from where you grew up?

KG: I grew up in Michigan, so Los Angeles is definitely warmer. I like California better because I am surrounded by like minded people.  Many people come to Los Angeles to pursue acting and singing.  So, there is always the opportunity to work with creative people and do collaborations. 

YEM: Who is your fashion inspiration?  

KG: I am a huge fan of Versace, Gucci, Moschino and Fendi. But from a musical perspective, I am most impressed by the fashions of Lady Gaga.

YEM: Are you planning to create any music videos for any of your songs in your new EP? 

KG: I just filmed the music video for the song “Bad”.  It will release on July 27 and I think it will shock some people.

YEM: Which social media platform do you love most and why?

KG: Tik Tok is probably my favorite. I like scrolling and seeing all of the creative content. I am also a huge fan of Instagram because I love fashion and photography.

Make sure to Listen to KG’s new single “Bad” later this month, and watch her in Gavin Magnus’ new music video below!