Logan Riley Bruner plays guess the film (video content)

Logan Riley Bruner is an actor that can be seen in the 4th season of the Netflix show Stranger Things. Stranger Things is is an extremely popular American science fiction horror drama television series. The upcoming season of the show  is scheduled to be released on Netflix’s streaming service in two volumes. The first volume is set for May 27, 2022, and the second five weeks later on July 1, 2022. Logan portrays the character of Fred Benson in the show. YEM was able to play a fun game with Logan that has to do with movies and television. The game was a fun game of guess the film/ show and it was full of great movies and television shows from pop culture.

During the game Logan was given a brief synopsis of a movie or a television show. After he was given the synopsis of the show or film he would have to guess which film or show it was based on the details given to him in the short summary. It was extremely fun to see Logan try and guess the films and shows.  Logan had to guess included films like E.T., The Avengers, Monsters Inc, and included television shows such as Glee.

Make sure to watch the full video of Logan playing the game with YEM in the YouTube video below. In the video you can see how well Logan did at guessing the films and shows. The game is always a fun way to see how well someone knows their entertainment, and is always a blast to both watch and play. Don’t forget to watch Logan in the fourth season of Strangers on Netflix when the first volume of the season premieres on May 27th. You can also watch him when the second volume of season 4 is released on July 1st.