Top 10 Things to Read, Watch, Play & Listen to from 05/29-06/04

1. Summer’s Edge by Dana Mile (May 31)

Teenage Chelsea and her friends return to their favorite summer lake house, one year after their friend Emily Joiner died in a fire in said house. When old wounds resurface, Chelsea experiences ghostly visions, and other strange events lead the group to realize Emily’s death was not an accident, the group must solve who was responsible, before the killer among them exacts vengeance.

2. The Twilight Effect

In the latest episode of this fantastic podcast, Melanie and Ashley welcome Mike Welch to the show as they discuss the casting of Bella Swan’s high school friend group in the Twilight movies, as well as how he coined the term ‘twi-hard’, and why he felt so confident taking on the role of Mike Newton.

3. It’s All in How You Fall by Sarah Henning (May 31)

After a tragic fall ends gymnast Caroline Kepler’s dreams of competing professionally as a balance beamer, fellow athlete Alex Zavala makes a deal with her: He will teach her about all the sports she has missed if she plays matchmaker for him. After the deal is done, Caroline realizes she has feelings for Alex.

4. Floor is Lava, Season 2 (Netflix) (June 3)

The adrenaline-fueled competition returns, as all-new contestants use every object imaginable to avoid falling onto the lava-covered floor.

5. The Croods: Family Tree, Season 3 (Hulu)

Join your favorite prehistoric family in the latest season of this spinoff series, as they navigate life with the Betterman family.

6. Kings of B’More by R. Eric Thomas (May 30)

After Harrison learns his best friend Linus is going to be moving out of state at the end of the week, he decides to embark on a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off-type adventure with his buddy, cramming all the things they’ve ever wanted to do into one day, to postpone saying goodbye to his lifelong confidant.

7. Leave it Behind by JB Somers

Rising pop artist JB Somers returns with ‘Leave it Behind’, a powerful ballad about trust and communicating when relationships start experiencing problems.

8. Surviving Summer (Netflix) (Premieres June 3)       

After moving in with family friends in Shorehaven on the Green Ocean Road in Victoria, AUS, Summer Torres’ first instinct is to rebel. However, with time, Summer inadvertently ends up falling for the locals, the surf, and the town itself.

9. Throwback Paperback: A Young Adult Podcast, Episode 84: Everlost, Chapters 1-14

In the latest episode of this thrilling podcast, hosts Asia Bonilla and Charles Scheland tackle the Everlost franchise, which follows a group of souls of recently departed children, as they navigate the in between-ness of death and the afterlife.

10. Tom Swift (Series Premiere) (The CW) (May 31)

Billionaire inventor Tom Swift is unexpectedly tossed into a strange new world of unexplainable phenomena and seedy conspiracy when his father suddenly disappears.