Love, Victor and The O.C. Are Much More Alike Than You’d Think

What with teen drama Love, Victor’s final season just premiered, we’ve taken a look into its predecessors. When compared side-by-side, it shares a lot of similarities with the early 2000s drama, The O.C. Let’s dive into it. 

1. The New Kid

We’re first introduced to Victor Salazar after he moves to his new hometown: Shady Creek, Georgia. There, he navigates his sexuality and is started on a journey of personal growth. Ryan Atwood (The O.C.’s male lead) isn’t much different: after moving to Orange County, California, Ryan feels like a fish out of water. Both are forced to grow as characters, a process made much easier by their…

2. Best Friends

When Victor moves to Shady Creek, Felix (played by the beloved Anthony Turpel) becomes his closest friend. He’s a bit of an oddball, but still manages to be charming. The same could be said of Seth, Ryan’s foster brother. Both characters are kind of awkward, with extra helpings of wit to balance it out. They act as the main characters’ rocks, supporting them through thick and thin, while simultaneously bringing tons of fun to their respective shows. 

3. The Popular Girl 

Before Victor came out, he dated Mia Brooks, the popular girl who later became his friend. While their relationship didn’t work out for obvious reasons, the situation bears some similarity to Ryan’s in The O.C. After moving to California, Ryan falls for his pretty, popular next-door neighbor, Marissa Cooper. Despite deeply caring for one another, their relationship was incredibly tumultuous and was on-and-off for most of the series. 

Though Victor and Ryan’s individual journeys differ, the similarities between their journeys are hard to ignore. They both follow the same pattern: new kid moves into town, gets a quirky sidekick, meets a girl. Yeah, this formula is followed by lots of teen dramas, but what makes these shows stand out is how they twist it around, imbue it with originality and creativity. Neither Victor nor Ryan have stable relationships with their (ex) girlfriends; Seth and Felix aren’t just sidekicks. It’s great to see shows like these flip the script every now and again. Hopefully, we’ll get to see more in the future. 

Did you spot any more similarities? Let us know in the comments!