YEM Exclusive Video Interview: Love, Victor’s Anthony Turpel drops hints on season 3

 If you’ve seen Love, Victor, chances are you love Anthony Turpel’s caring, fun-loving character Felix. Love, Victor is a hit Hulu series that follows the eponymous character, Victor Salazar, on his coming-out journey. A spin-off of the groundbreaking 2018 film Love, Simon, the show’s third and final season will be premiering on June 15th. We got the opportunity to pick his brain on Felix’s character development, his acting process, and what’s coming next for this last season. 

Of course, he didn’t give it all away – when asked how the relationship dynamic between Felix and his mother will change, given their individual character development, Turpel was careful not to say anything too specific. What he did say was super promising, though: “they’re finding a new relationship, in a way” and need to navigate those changes together. He didn’t skimp on praise for the writers either, saying that they did an “incredible, beautiful job” when it came to portraying such a dynamic. When asked if he was happy with how Felix’s story ended, he gave a firm “definitely.” Thankfully, no spoilers were said, but we’re glad there’s hope for him.

When it comes to the future of Felix and Victor’s friendship, especially in light of Felix’s new relationship with Pilar, there’s no need to panic. Turpel reassured us that their friendship is as strong as ever: “this season is no different; [their friendship] grows with every season.” 

Want to see more of Turpel? You definitely will in the future: he’s got no plans to stop acting. Though, when asked what his next big plans were, his immediate response was “sleep.” Well, we’ve got no problem with that. He’s totally earned it! 

You can watch the full interview on our YouTube channel here.