Love, Victor Review: Felix


The final season of Love, Victor is finally here and YEM has you covered with recaps, analysis, and so much more! Instead of going over each episode one by one, we’re going to do something a lot more special – navigate the journeys of each main character of Love, Victor over the course of the entire season in 6 articles! You’ll get the breakdown of Victor, Mia, Felix, Lake, Rahim, and Benji – each with their own article dedicated to them covering the highlights of Season 3. Don’t worry Pilar, Lucy, Andrew, and Nick fans, there will be plenty of discussion about them too! As an added bonus, YEM will also cover the best quotes, favorite Season 3 songs, and discuss any unanswered questions the series may still have now that it’s coming to an end in separate articles. YEM is your one-stop site for all things Love, Victor!

Today’s character is…


Most Likable

Felix is arguably the most likable character in all of “Love, Victor.” He’s the dependable friend to Victor, the appreciative neighbor of the Salazar parents, the protective son of his Mother Dawn (who has been struggling with mental health issues no less), and the caring boyfriend of Lake and Pilar (lucky guy!) at different points throughout the three seasons of the show.

Felix and Pilar

Now that Felix and Lake are no longer together, it looks like things between Felix and Pilar are heating up! Even though Pilar doesn’t want to tell her parents about her new relationship due to her overprotective Dad Armando, Victor is OK with the situation, which is a relief to Felix. In fact, the two are “bromance goals” so there’s no tension between the two pals. Felix even states, “if you’re half as good as kissing as your sister…” Victor: “Dude!” Felix: “I regretted that as soon as I said it” in an awkward but funny moment with Victor. Felix is even able to pull off the ball-throwing move from “Great Escape.” Bonus points if you also caught that reference.

The Awkward Group Scene at Creekwood

There’s a “great” scene where the whole group meets up with one another on the first day back at school. By this point, there is a lot of tension between numerous members of the gang. In fact, this is where Felix and Pilar reveal their new relationship to Lake, while Lake reveals her new relationship with Lucy to Felix. It becomes clear that Felix and Lake still have unresolved issues from the ending of their relationship that could be a hindrance to their new relationships. Lucy and Pilar team up to get their significant others Felix and Lake to work out their issues at Mia’s party. However, perhaps it wasn’t the best idea to have Felix and Lake talk things out alone in a bedroom at a party? Either way, crisis averted.

Felix’s Mom is Dating Again

When Felix’s Mom Dawn decides to start dating again, Felix doesn’t take the news well. In fact, you could say he actively tries to sabotage Dawn by attempting to scare off her new man Stewart by telling him about how bad his Mom’s mental health truly is. It seems Dawn was already pretty open with Stewart about it, but likely didn’t describe things as bluntly as Felix does! However, after a conversation with Pilar, Felix is able to be supportive of his Mom dating again and it’s clear he just wants his Mom to be happy. It’s actually a little ironic that Pilar decided to date an overprotective guy like Felix (at least when it comes to his Mom), much like how Pilar’s Dad Armando is to her.

The Secret is Out

When Felix and Pilar are talking in the hallway outside their apartments, Papa Salazar overhears and figures out the two are dating. Sure, it could be argued the couple wasn’t outright lying about their relationship. However, they certainly did go out of their way to hide it. For what it’s worth, Felix never wanted to hide it, as he sees Victor and Pilar’s parents Armando and Isabel as a second family, especially after everything that went down with his Mom’s mental health in the previous season. With Benji’s Dad telling Victor to stay away from Benji, it seems both Felix and Victor are not being seen as good influences. Felix to Victor: “We’re bad boys now Victor. Should we start a club, the daddy don’t like me squad?” After conversing with his wife Isabel about how the two of them got together at a young age and what a good kid Felix is, Armando is eventually able to accept Felix dating Pilar.

Birth Control

Things soon start to go off the rails again when the Salazar parents catch Pilar with birth control in her room. Pilar and Felix have not been together that intimately yet, and Pilar explains she just wanted to be prepared. Instead, this leads the Salazar parents to freak out and not believe her, especially after she hid her relationship with Felix from them for weeks.

Felix and Pilar Are No More

Because of this, Felix is banned from the Salazar house and told to cut off contact with Pilar, all of which is devastating to him. Pilar decides that if her parents are going to accuse her of already being sexually active, even though she’s not, she might as well just hook up with Felix now! As much as Felix wants this, he decides this is not how their first time should be. A rejected Pilar feels betrayed, stating Felix cares more about what her parents think about him than he does about her. Soon after, Pilar breaks up with Felix.

A Big Reveal

Seems a lot of Armando’s “tough love” with Pilar and Felix is because of a baby he and Isabel nearly had back when they were teenagers, that they named Camila. However, Isabel had a miscarriage and the baby was never born. Armando doesn’t want Pilar to go through anything remotely close to that! He opens up to Pilar about this for the first time and the two reconcile.

Felix and Lake Back Together?

Upon the breakup, Felix starts to hang out with Lake again, who’s going through relationship troubles of her own with Lucy at the time. There is a “will they or won’t they” that the two may get back together, but it is not to be. At the Winter Carnival, Pilar and Felix communicate again (basically for the first time since they broke up) and Felix is invited into the Salazar family photo. It’s a touching moment as it shows whatever tension the two had is now gone. Perhaps Felix and Pilar may get back together at some point. Even if they don’t though, this is still a happy end for Felix, one his character rightly deserves.