Love, Victor Review: Lake


The final season of Love, Victor is finally here and YEM has you covered with recaps, analysis, and so much more! Instead of going over each episode one by one, we’re going to do something a lot more special – navigate the journeys of each main character of Love, Victor over the course of the entire season in 6 articles! You’ll get the breakdown of Victor, Mia, Felix, Lake, Rahim, and Benji – each with their own article dedicated to them covering the highlights of Season 3. Don’t worry Pilar, Lucy, Andrew, and Nick fans, there will be plenty of discussion about them too! As an added bonus, YEM will also cover the best quotes, favorite Season 3 songs, and discuss any unanswered questions the series may still have now that it’s coming to an end in separate articles. YEM is your one-stop site for all things Love, Victor!

Today’s character is…


Pool Party

At the end of Season 2, Lake is hanging out with Lucy, who was working at Harold and Veronica’s wedding for extra cash. Lucy briefly dated Andrew in Season 2 but clearly connects with Lake on a much deeper level. Lake opens up about how upset she is at Felix for the way things ended, “But not in an Olivia Rodrigo write a whole album, wishing I could castrate him way.” When Lucy and Lake end up hanging out at the pool at a stranger’s home (and the strangers are unexpectedly home) the two run away and thankfully are not caught!

Lake and Lucy

Lake likes Lucy too, but she’s never been with another girl before and is hesitant. Lucy is opening up new feelings in Lake, especially when Lucy changes her shirt in Lake’s closet. Nothing happens between the two that night, but when Lucy stops by the following day to return the shirt Lake lent her the night before, the two kiss. Lake explains she hesitated the night before because she “did” want to kiss Lucy. This leads to them dating one another.

New Feelings

After the new relationship reveal at school and after Lake and Felix work through their differences, Lake and Lucy’s new relationship is in a good place. Lake invites Lucy to Mia and Lake’s girls’ night, which throws Mia for a loop. She feels a little bit replaced by Lucy, who’s obviously also a girl. Things quickly start getting more intimate between Lake and Lucy. Once again, even though Lake wants things to proceed in the bedroom, this is all very new to her. At school that day, she talks with Mia (who’s with her boyfriend Andrew). Andrew is very intrigued at the thought of Lake and Lucy getting intimate later that night. Lake: “stop picturing it.” Andrew: “I am only human!” On the night of, Lake starts to panic. However, with the help of a phone call to her BFF Mia, she feels much better and is able to relax. Mia also feels better because Lake is still coming to her for advice and even brings breakfast for Lake and Lucy the next morning.

Lake’s Mother

Lake is distant from her Mom. The distance doesn’t seem to be because Lake’s Mom doesn’t try to be part of her life. Instead, it seems Lake feels constantly judged and sometimes bullied by her Mom to live up to some impossible standard Lake will never be able to reach. Lake is finally able to communicate this to her after getting in a fight with Mia after the shopping spree Lake’s Mom took with her. Lake’s Mom apologizes and explains her judgment of Lake is related to the regular criticism Lake’s Mom receives in online social media comments as a public figure. Lake’s Mom vows to do better but states she has some unlearning to do.

Goodbye Lucy?

Lucy reminds Lake of an important part of the conversation they had together by the pool before they were dating one another: Lucy is looking to leave town as soon as she is able and move to Portland. When Lucy brings it up again now, Lake takes it hard. When Mia is not available to discuss it with her, Lake speaks with her ex Felix who tells her to just enjoy the next few months together as much as possible before Lucy leaves. Lake attempts this, even making a plan to have them make pies together (with Lake roleplaying as a 1950s housewife), but quickly realizes she’s unable to put up a strong front and decides to break up with Lucy instead so they don’t get even more attached to one another before Lucy leaves town. Lake: “I can’t live in the now. I don’t understand why you have to go.” Lucy explains she’s been “sad for a long time,” since she was nine years old when her mother died. Lucy needs a fresh start.

A Resolution

Even though Lake reconnects with Felix around this time, Lake is not ready to give up on her relationship with Lucy. After a discussion with her Mom, Lake offers Lucy the extra apartment Lake’s Mom has nearby, which Lucy accepts. This means the two don’t have to separate after all and get back together! While this does solve the problem of Lucy’s current living situation (that she’d been wanting to escape from) it begs the question if Lucy will be OK with this new arrangement long term. At least for now though, the couple seems very happy to be with one another again and they end the series together on a high note.