Love, Victor Review: Rahim


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Today’s character is…



As Pilar’s co-worker and bestie, Rahim arrived on the scene in Season 2 in a big way. From being there for Pilar when she started crushing on Felix to bonding with Victor and kissing him at the end of Season 2, Rahim is now a significant part of the Victor-verse. At the start of Season 3, it was completely plausible Rahim and Victor were going to end up together. However, it just wasn’t to be.

Disappointment Sets In

Season 3 starts with Rahim at home, peering out his window on and off for hours, hoping Victor will show up. He even goes as far as praying for Victor to stop by, which obviously doesn’t work. When it’s clear Victor is not showing, Rahim is heartbroken and speaks with his Mom. Rahim had only recently come out to her a few days earlier. Being gay is very much against the religious beliefs she grew up with and there is apparently strong homophobia within Rahim’s family. Despite all this, Rahim’s Mom responded surprisingly well to Rahim coming out as gay. It’s hinted in Season 2 that there were signs back as far as the age of 12 that Rahim liked boys (a Spiderman-related Google search for example), so perhaps in many ways she already knew.

Victor’s Acknowledgement

Afterward, Victor sends funny text messages trying to act like nothing is wrong but Rahim just ignores him. Rahim’s romantic feelings aren’t being acknowledged by Victor, despite them recently kissing at the end of Harold and Veronica’s wedding. It’s now the first day back at school and there’s no longer any doubt to Victor that Rahim is upset with him. When the whole group meets up (and learns about Lake and Lucy as well as Felix and Pilar now dating) Rahim gives Victor dirty looks and isn’t speaking to him. In response, Victor soon has a heartfelt conversation with Rahim. Victor: “You’re not crazy. There was something between us and it was real. I felt it too.” The two become friends again, perhaps better than ever now, and life goes on.

Benji’s New Tutor

Things get a little complicated however when Benji (now back from rehab) is behind in Calculus class and needs tutoring. To both of their surprise, Rahim is assigned as Benji’s tutor. It’s safe to say that Benji hasn’t forgiven Rahim for kissing Victor at Mia’s Dad’s wedding. Now the two are going to have to spend time with one another. Things get off to a rocky start. Rahim apologizes for everything that went down with Victor. Rahim: “I’m not your enemy.” Benji: “Well, you’re not my friend.” However, the two start to bond once Benji starts doing well on his math tests, but just as schoolmates.

Rahim’s Uncle

When Rahim’s Uncle visits, Rahim’s Mom pressures Rahim to wear less flamboyant clothes for a few days while he’s in town (Rahim’s family is from Iran and is Muslim) because his Uncle won’t understand Rahim is just being who he is. Rahim complies but feels terrible about having to hide who he is again after just recently coming out. Because of his Uncle, when Rahim’s out tutoring Benji, he has to unexpectedly find another shirt to wear on short notice. Benji shows Rahim a lost and found box at the café and despite Rahim’s objections to the options available, he picks one. When Rahim changes his shirt, Benji can’t help but make a snide comment. Benji: “First Victor and now me? You got to stop trying to seduce people!” Rahim: “Shut up.”

Meet Cute

Rahim goes out to dinner with his Mom and Uncle, with Pilar as his date (as his fake girlfriend no less). Pilar was happy to be allowed out of the house by her Mom Isabel after being grounded by her Dad Harold. Pilar: “I’d rather be your fake girlfriend than see my father.” This is when the “meet cute” happens. The waiter accidentally spills water on Rahim. Perhaps not by coincidence, the waiter was the same boy Rahim accidentally spilled water on at Mia’s party. Pilar lets Rahim know the waiter was hitting on him and after stepping away to clean himself off, gets his phone number. Rahim makes it clear Pilar and him are not really dating and he’s actually just “fake dating his bestie.”

Never Again

After Rahim’s Uncle goes back to Iran, Rahim makes it clear to his mother that “never again” will he pretend to be something he’s not, pretending to be straight, which his Mom accepts. Rahim has also grown up Muslim, so he clearly knows his being out can affect those closest to him too, and the way his parents will be judged by the society they grew up in, even within their own family. That being said, Rahim is being true to himself and that is extremely important for him.

Trouble on the Double Date

When Rahim goes on a double date with his new man Connor, alongside Victor and Nick, trouble arises when two guys at another table start mocking Rahim’s mannerisms. Rahim is clearly upset about the situation but things escalate further when Rahim and Victor run into the two guys outside and comments are made between them. Just as it looks things may end up in a fight, Nick and Conner show up and the two guys from the other table leave when they see they’re outnumbered. From there, Rahim leaves with Connor to Brasstown.

Rahim and Connor

Victor wants to see how Rahim is holding up after the altercation and goes to Brasstown to check on him. Rahim tells Victor he kissed Connor that night and he “wasn’t as sloppy as the last guy” = Victor. The funny insult was a nice call back to when Rahim was pining for Victor not too long ago. Victor apologizes again. During this same conversation, Rahim explains he’s not able to hide his “gayness” like Victor’s able to when it’s convenient for him. This is something that Rahim had recently been dealing with during his Uncle’s stay and it’s something he’s insecure about. The bravery award is a chance for Victor to be recognized for being his authentic self and Rahim tells Victor he should accept the award. Victor finally agrees. The series ends with Rahim and Connor together at the Winter Carnival and it’s nice to see Rahim find love.