YEM Exclusive Interview: Mateo Fernandez shares what it was like creating the family dynamic between Adrian, Pilar, and Victor in season 3 of “Love, Victor”

Mateo Fernandez is an actor on Love, Victor. Love, Victor is a television show set in the world of the movie “Love, Simon”. The television show follows Victor, a new student at Creekwood High School on his own journey of self-discovery. YEM was able to speak with Mateo about balancing school and working on a TV show, what it was like working on season 3 of Love, Victor, and how similar he is to his character on the show, Adrian.

Young Entertainment Mag: How excited are you for season three of Love, Victor? 

Mateo Fernandez: I am so excited for season three. I can’t wait for people to see it and to see what they think about it.

YEM: Has anything in your life changed since being on Love, Victor?

Mateo: Everything has changed. School has changed, my acting career has obviously changed in a positive way, and I think being on Love, Victor has changed me as a person and how I view the world.

YEM: What are you hoping the audience takes away in season 3 that we haven’t seen in previous seasons? And what can they expect from your character?

Mateo: Season 3 introduces new characters and it reveals more about characters we didn’t know that much about. To be honest, Adrian didn’t really have a big role this season; but I imagine he is probably really happy about his parents re-uniting.

YEM: What’s it like balancing school and working on a major TV show?

Mateo: I go to public school but I switch to a online homeschool program when I am shooting. Doing school while shooting is not too difficult, but the most difficult part is when I go back to public school after shooting. You miss a lot of things and it can be hard to adjust. Also, you miss a lot of opportunities to be in band contests, programs and classes because of shooting which can be frustrating.

YEM: How did filming for season three compare to the first two seasons of Love, Victor?

Mateo: The first season of Love, Victor was my first project that I’ve ever worked on so I was kind of unsure on what I was doing because shooting a show was a new experience. A few months after we finished shooting season one, the pandemic hit. When we were shooting season two, shooting a show in pandemic was a new experience for everyone, which made it very difficult. When season three came around, I was at ease because I was finally getting the hang of shooting a show.

YEM: What do you, Michael and Isabella do to form that special sibling bond?

Mateo: We hang out a lot outside of shooting. Usually we eat out somewhere together or we eat in someone’s home. Hanging out in set is also very fun.

YEM: Most of your scenes in the past seasons have been with Ana Ortiz and James Martinez who play your parents on the show. What’s one thing you picked up from either of them, whether it be in life or in your acting that you plan to take with you in the future?

Mateo: Ana has taught me to speak up and to take action when there is something you don’t like. If she doesn’t like the way she or someone else is being treated, then she’ll try to change that. James has taught me a lot about acting and working with him has been wonderful because I always learn a lot from him. The same thing applies to Ana too.

YEM: Are there any other creative areas you’re interested in trying out?

Mateo: I am very passionate about music and I have been for years. I have been playing drums since I was 4 years old and I’ve started to learn a few other instruments too. I’ve been producing music for a few years now and I hope to do something with it in the future.

Love, Victor — “Brave” – Episode 308 — The Winter Carnival brings all of our characters back to where the series started. As they consider their plans past high school, they each have decisions about who they want to be with, and where their futures may lead. Pilar (Isabella Ferreira), Victor (Michael Cimino), Adrian (Mateo Fernandez), Armando (James Martinez), and Isabel (Ana Ortiz), shown. (Photo by: Gilles Mingasson/Hulu)

YEM: What was the most challenging part of season 3 and how did you overcome it?

Mateo: I’d say doing school at the studio was the most difficult part of season three. I had to work extra hard when I went back to my school so I could do well.

YEM: What’s your favorite part about Adrian in season 3?

Mateo: Honestly, I’d say that his comments and jokes were really funny this season.

YEM: Anything funny happen off camera (we were watching the bloopers again when Anthony couldn’t say Simpatico in season 1. What an epic moment)?

Mateo: I remember the Creekwood bear mascot in a scene where a school event takes place. Between takes, you would just see him casually walking around in his suit. For some reason that was so funny to me. Jason (one of our directors) is also so funny and he’s been amazing to work with.

YEM: How similar would you say you are to Adrian on Love, Victor?

Mateo: I would say we’re pretty similar. We are different ages so obviously that’s a difference between us, but overall, I’d say we have a pretty similar personality. He’s happy, observant, and silly like I was when I was younger.

YEM: Looking back at the entire series, is there anything you would have done differently? If yes, what? And if not, why not?

Mateo: I would’ve done some of my scenes differently as I’ve changed as an actor. I also wish I was not as nervous to talk to others because in the beginning, I was very shy and I wasn’t very good at meeting new people.

YEM: What sort of projects are you working on now?

Mateo: I am not currently working on any projects, but more and more auditions are starting to come in! I am very excited for what my next project will be.

YEM: According to Bebe if there were to be a 15 year in the future episode, we would see her as Press Secretary and according to Anthony Turpel he would be a social worker. Where do you think Adrian would be 15-20 years down the road (I feel like he’d probably be in college, so what do you think he’d be studying?)?

Mateo: I imagine Adrian in college studying science. He’s a very observant kid and I feel like he is very curious about the world around him. Also, judging by his dinosaur t-shirts and the fact he has a pet turtle, I think he would be a zoologist!

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